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Cosmetic surgery; the two possible outcomes.

January 7, 2017

Cosmetic surgery; the two possible outcomes.

Do you sometimes feel like you could look better than you do now? Do you want to achieve great enhancement? Well, perhaps you need to seek cosmetic surgery. Delving into the topic of cosmetic surgery proves that it is no longer that hush-hush topic left to mere speculations. In fact, what we have witnessed lately with celebrities coming out to tell of their successful cosmetic surgeries is quite comforting. Marking a welcome departure from all the stories of cosmetic surgeries gone bad, technological advancement is ‘thumbs-up’ for that. However, we also need to understand that technological advancement has not completely eliminated the cases of cosmetic surgeries gone bad; it has simply reduced the cases.

And yes, what has been witnessed in the latest showbiz as well as celebrity talks has proven that cosmetic surgeries are not just for women. In fact, there are more men going for cosmetic surgical procedures in the recent days. While there are all safety precautions put in place, studies show that most people who seek cosmetic surgeries do so for various reasons. For the youngsters, most go for these surgical procedures in order to enhance the body features to look more appealing.

For instance, some go to increase the size of their body features like “boobs’’ and in some cases, some; ladies would like their ’bumpers’’ protruding so they seek medical surgeries for that. And yes, the results are simply impressive. From the fact that cosmetic surgeries are conducted by professionals, chances of failures are a bit minimal; but that doesn’t mean that they can’t occur.

For the older generation, their main reason for seeking cosmetic surgery is in order to look younger than they actually are. Or maybe I should put it this way; they need to look younger than they look now. This involves injection of some facial improvement concoctions which increase fats on one’s face making them look younger. In fact, as one gets old, their facial fats start to decrease making their face look older. It is for this reason that older people get injected with components which restore fats on their face.

Of the two categories, I fall in the first one. Having had issues with my facial wrinkles which appeared out of place given my age, I decided to seek cosmetic surgery. It was not an easy decision given the fact that I am one of those people who likes digging out facts about anything I do before trying it out. I searched the internet to see what people had to say about surgical procedures for body enhancements and the results were a mixture of comfort and fear. I decided to seek my friends’ opinions about the issue and their advice was a tie between ‘do it and don’t do it’. Left in a dilemma, I decided to hold a meeting between my soul and mind in my room and finally decided to do it.

On my way to the hospital, thoughts of all the stories I had seen on the internet about people who had suffered severely for doing it haunted me. But then, stories of the celebrities who had had a successful cosmetic surgery put a smile on my face. I therefore had both feelings even though it was clear that I was not turning back on that decision.

As I entered the hospital and straight to the surgical section to talk to the doctor about my situation, I could feel my heart berating fast as sweat droplets formed on my forehead. The doctor explained to me that there were two types of wrinkles. The dynamic ones caused by constant frowning or constant lifting of the eyebrows and the static ones which are permanent. It was clear that mine were caused by constant frowning since that had been my habit from a tender age ( or so I decided to believe).

We made arrangements and the date was set for my surgical procedure. When I came back, the process seemed quick interesting. In fact, it did not last long and within no time, I was out of the hospital happy that I was looking better again. And with several medications given to me, I was certain that the wrinkles were gone forever. But oops! I was wrong, things got ugly. It was a cosmetic surgery gone bad!