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The truth about fad diets- is there really a quick fix to loosing weight?

January 7, 2017

The truth about fad diets- is there really a quick fix to loosing weight?

Are you working on losing weight? Has your desperate desire to lose that pound pushed you to the extent that you no longer care whatever trick you employ provided it promises to shed some lbs within a given time? Well, then you need to read this. They say desperate situations call for desperate measures; but did you know that some of these desperate measures people resolve to take could make that desperate situation worse? Take for instance the people who have had to embark on life-threatening ideas just to shed some weight only to end up admitted for malnutrition. Or worse still, take the situation where some people end up gaining twice their previous weight immediately after losing some pounds. Doesn’t that shed some light? If not lets delve into details.

Let’s address the issue of Fad foods. Have you ever come across some of these convincing adverts where some people claim to have formulas for you to lose a given amount of pounds within a given time? Well, that is exactly what we will be addressing. And in order to unravel facts and completely unearth the secrets surrounding this topic on fad foods, we will need to look at whether it works or not. And yes, we will also need to address how effective or ineffective it is in case it indeed works. Better still, we will have to look at alternatives in case it doesn’t work.

So, does fad foods idea work? Sincerely speaking, this is subject to debate. I choose not to brush off the entire idea simply because I find it questionable, but I choose to leave it open for you to make an informed decision once we are done exploring facts about it. And, is the idea of quick fixes real when it comes to weight loss? This is still another subject to debate on. And why do I refer to the two topics as debatable? This is because it might have worked perfectly for a few people and trying to suggest that it is indeed a scam would be unfair. But it is worth pointing out that it has worked to the negative for more people as we will find out shortly.

Delving into the nitty-gritty details on fad foods, the findings are simply shocking. Studies indicate that fad foods have by far more harm than good to one’s body. There is something common about fad foods; they all work under the principle of deprivation. They seem to work on depriving your body of some essential requirements and replacing the essential requirements with other components which will leave it in a state of deprivation. What does that mean? What I am trying to pass across is; if you are told not to eat foods which contain high calories and then given another product that contains the other components but lacks weight increasing ingredients, your body will definitely be deprived of some essential nutrients. This is because calories are essential to your body but huge amounts are harmful; and so are the other components which increase weight. So, when your body is completely denied these essential components simply because they increase weight, then normal body functioning might be disrupted.

At the end, you find that you lose that extra pound but immediately embark on regaining your health. To regain that health, you are forced to go back to ‘healthy eating’ which includes taking some of the nutrients you had foregone in order to lose those pounds. Guess what happens after some time? It is obvious that you will regain your health; and yes, you will also regain your weight. This is because you had lost pounds due to staying away from the foods you are now using to regain your health. So, it is only logical that you will regain your weight. However, it is not just regaining the lost weight; you will regain more than you had lost previously. Studies have shown that the weight gained after using fad food techniques is more than the one that had previously been lost. And yes, as I found out, the weight gained after you had employed this technique of fad foods defies even the genetic nature of any individual. Regardless of whether your family or lineage is of normal sized people or not; after employing this technique, you are bound to gain more than anyone in your family or lineage. Scary huh! That’s simply the way it is.

In a jiffy, the idea of fad foods and quick fixes might work perfectly as promised on those adverts or even better. But the events that follow are quite shocking. I, however, wish to point out that this situation does not apply to everyone but a majority of people depending on various aspects. For that reason, if luck is on your side, well and good. If you fall into the trap and things don’t work out, then it is quite unfortunate. I will, however, point this out; there are better and safer ways of weight loss than quick fixes and fad foods which jeopardise your health. Let us not focus on depriving the body, but focus on taking more of what is good for the body.