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World Cup 2018 Update

July 14, 2018

London X City monitors all events in London and beyond including the 2018 World Cup and England successes. The magazine also sees the best players this summer.
London X City editor Chloe said, “The World Cup fire has reached the shores, the cross of St. George can be seen from all the windows and cars, and people are really excited.” This year’s ability to win is whether we will continue to allocate a feature in the World Cup as a continuation of the game – whether it is this blind loyalty and patriotism in the UK, or whether it is to invite people to introduce them to the World Cup, celebrate festivals and promote their team monitor.
England will play against Tunisia on Monday (June 18th). Panama Sunday, June 24; and Belgium on Thursday (June 28th). Belgium is always the same and Tunisia, of course, is an alien, Panama, we believe England is very honest “- this is not a bad team, but we are confident that they will not make the
first match results for this reason – Britain Tunis- we can go very far. There are some players in the UK who are around and they believe that the fans will manage the team until the end. Stars such as Harry Kane (forward), Raheem Sterling (forward), Gary Cahill (defender), Danny Welbeck (forward) and, of course, Nick PAUP (goalkeeper). However, the team has new faces and London City X is particularly worried about how they will present themselves. Chloe says: “Intermediate players Fabian Delph and Dele Alli can, of course, be seen in both players, so versatile and easy-to-protect against the team and they will be very interested in the game.”

Top 10 Goals of The World Cup 2018
With qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be reached in the final stages, there are the world’s top scorers. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best, but where is Lionel Messi?
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 14 European qualifying rounds in just seven qualifying matches.
Polish striker Robert Lewandowski has scored 12 goals in eight matches, while Belgian Romel Lukaku is among 10 players in 10 balls. The other two – 10 strokes – the Sardar Azmun and the Syrian Umar Harbin, who competed in Asian qualifications.
The top ten full runners are Guatemala Carlos Ruiz, North America, Central America and Caribbean qualifying Australia Tim Cahill, both in first place – in the first South American Uruguay Edinson Cavani nine hit.
Messi, meanwhile, scored only three goals in the World Cup finals, which could be one of the reasons why Argentina is in danger.
Has Ronaldo Messi closed the world record?
King of Oceania – New Zealand Chris Wood has eight nets while the African Nations Cup main square – the pieces still have four cages Thomas, Niger, Liberia
and Algeria William Dzhebor Islam Slimani Moussa Maazou.
Who scored the most goals in the 2018 World Cup?
2018 The FIFA World Cup in Russia brings together the world’s best players and the best offensive forces on the planet. That’s why we choose one that we
think will be the most scoring player in the tournament.
Harry Kane (England) has scored five goals so far
Harry Kane is one of the best in the world, but he often tried to reproduce the form in the international arena. This, like what they said, the World Cup started in
the first 15 minutes to the goal perfectly. Then the British backstage kicked off with a perfect start to the post. Then he tricked a line against Panama.
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 4 goals so far (missing a penalty) Last chance, probably in the victory of the World Cup, Ronaldo is a clean machine to score goals. It was supposed to be next year, but it won 15 times in nine qualifying games for the World Cup. He regularly found the filey with “The Truth” and played with a Chilean against “Juventus”, one of the best in the Champions League. As for the clear goals, no one is better and the world loves the stage. It is expected to earn a lot. Now Ronaldo has four goals, a line against Spain against the trick and an account in Morocco.
He could add to his account, but the penalty was lost against Iran.