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Fake Goods Are Flooding The World

December 3, 2020

Fake Goods Are Flooding The World

Is shopping online safe? Just like so many others, I am an avid online shoppers. As a matter of fact, I buy most things online. What I buy online ranges from electronic goods to books. I am sure that many people find themselves in the same boat as me.

In my personal opinion, shopping online is the new normal. In a very short time, it has become my favorite way to shop. I can sit at my computer and order goods from all over the world and pay using Paypal. Most of the time, the goods are on their way in a very short time. Sometimes, they even ship the same day. 

That is the upside to shopping online, but what are the downsides? 

What Is Real And What Is Not Real?

I never thought that I would find myself buying fake goods online. I am always so careful and check everything before I press the button. But this time, even I was fooled. 

In the need of a new camera, I set about searching for the best deals on Go-Pro’s. I was confident that I could find some goods deals and save money. Just like anybody else, I like to save money. It gives me a few quid more to spend on my morning coffee. 

As I am a pretty experienced online shopper, it did not take me long to find a good deal. Everything seemed okay, and a couple of days later, I was delighted to receive a parcel. But, something was not right. 

Where Do Fake Goods Come From? 

I thought I had ordered my new camera from a UK based online store. When the courier brought my parcel to my door, it did not take me long to smell a rat. I had expected my parcel to have a UK shipping address. Instead I found myself looking at a label which stated the parcel had been shipped from Hong Kong. 

Anxiously, I opened the parcel. Immediately I noticed the box looked second rate. I placed it on the table, got my trusted phone out and snapped a few pictures. Slowly, I opened the box taking photographs every step of the way.

When I caught sight of the camera, I did realise that this was not the real deal. A few pics later, and I was at my computer firing away an email to Paypal. 

A day later, I found out that someone had cloned the online store’s website. They were sending out their own goods and goods were not being shipped from the online store. 

On this occasion, the fake goods had come from China, but China is not the only culprit when it comes to fake goods. 

What Countries Specialise In Fake Goods? 

Yes, there are some countries which really do specialise in fake goods. I started to do a bit of research and I soon found out that you can even buy fake medicine online. 

Did you know that India is one of the principal suppliers of fake medicine and supplements online? So, if you normally shop for your medication or supplements online, you should make sure you are dealing with a genuine site. After all, fake viagra is likely to do you more harm than good. 

Taiwan is another country with a large manufacturing industry. What do the Taiwanese like to sell us? This is a good one. They are very creative people and like to sell us anything from fake brand t-shirt to fake car parts. Until I started to do my research, I did not realise that there was such a thing as fake car parts. But, apparently there is and many have been the victims of the industry. 

Fake designer goods are one of the biggest problems online. As we all know, anything designer is very expensive. The problem with fake designer goods such as handbags and Hermes scarves, is that they come from all over the world. They are not only manufactured in China but they can also come from places like Turkey. 

What Should You Do? 

The first thing you should do is to take precautions. The best way to pay for anything online is to use a service such as Paypal. I am glad that I had used Paypal when I bought my camera. Thanks to all of the photos I took and my own investigations, I was soon able to get my money back. 

Yes, I had to send the camera back recorded delivery, but it did save me money thanks to Paypal’s unique guarantee. I thanked my lucky stars I had used Paypal. 

There are many out there who do not use Paypal, but it is really the only way I would pay for goods online. If a website does not offer Paypal, I always ask myself what is up. 

If you do receive am item you have purchased, it is time to surround yourself with paperwork. Take photos and keep a record of the transaction. Don’t waste your time, get in touch with Paypal right away. They will always get back to you and help you out. 

Is Is Safe To Shop On eBay? 

Yes, it is safe to shop on eBay as long as you use Paypal? There are many good and well-respected traders on eBay. 

The thing is that you are likely to come across fake shopping accounts all over the place. They exist on Amazon, Groupon and other discount sites. Since my incident, I have spoken to other online shoppers. All of them have had one or two problems. Just like me, they stick to certain principles when they shop online. 

Always check where your goods are being shipped from and who charged you. Some business name are close to what I like to call the real deal name It really can be hard to tell them apart. 

One of the things you should not do, is to sit back on your laurels. No matter if you have bought your goods using Paypal or a credit card, do get your claim started. There is no reason why you should have to put up with fake goods when you are paying for genuine goods. 

Start to blacklist the companies over social media and shame their websites. To imitate a brand is not legal. If it is a UK company, you should always report the store to Trading Standards. In all likelihood, others will have complained before you. Don’t become the victim of fake goods. 

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