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19 Ocak 2016

When it comes to getting reliable relationship advice, who can you trust?

Everyone has their own opinion, usually based on bitter experience, or long-term love. So it’s lucky that lots of research has been done in this area, and we’re now able to offer relationship advice that’s based on research rather than hearsay.

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How to Tell If Your New Relationship Will Last

How you start discussions with your partner is absolutely vital in determining your future prospects together. It’s not how much you argue, but how you argue that determines your relationship prognosis.

According to this well regarded research, how you conduct the ‘startup phase’ (the first two minutes) of disagreements or disputes reliably predicts your chances of being together 5 years later. Generally, the more negative emotions you display during this initial period, the more likely your relationship is to fail.

Apparently, the best predictor of a relationship that will survive is a female partner that can initiate discussion of a problem ‘softly’ (that is without negative emotion or criticism), and can then use humour to smooth the way as the discourse progresses.