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How To Avoid Bag Thieves and Pick Pockets In London

7 Ağustos 2020

What are the things you need to know before coming to London? Big cities such as London have always been packed with opportunities for what can also be called the discerning criminal. Did you know that some parts of London are more sought after as stomping crowds for handbags thieves and pock pockets more than others? I did not even think about it until a London Bobby pointed out that my partner, who I can my wingman, should perhaps hold my overpriced Hermes bag for me instead. Without a second thought, I passed my bag over to my broad-shouldered former member of the Oxford boat racing team. 

How often do we think about our security as we go around London? After a shop, myself and my girlfriend decided to stop for a drink. It was Happy Hour in one of the local bars. Not for one moment, did I consider my expensive handbag or shopping bag that indicated that I had been shopping at one of the more expensive shops in London. But, as I sat there sipping my Prosecco, I became aware of a man eyeing me up. Did he fancy me or my expensive bag? If it was not for the wise words of that London Bobby, I may just have winked at him. As it was, I thought twice about the situation instead.

To protect yourself from handbag thieves in London, it is best not to carry an expensive designer handbag. But, for a former Sloan like me, may find that next to impossible. If you find yourself in the same situation, and maybe a little challenged by your blonde brain cells, it is apparently a good idea to carry a brown or black designer bag. From what I understand, they stand out less in a crowd as it were. 

What about that shopping bag? Well, there is not very much you can do. But, if you end up with a Givenchy bag and feel the need to jump on the nearest Tube train, it is best not to linger at your favorite wine bar. You never know if the guy checking you out is a friend or foe. He may want to buy a glass of champagne, but do you really need another glass? After all, is that glass of champagne you had in the Harrods Food Hall not enough? Just one a few questions you want to ask yourself when shopping without that broad-shouldered member of the rowing team. 

All in all, it is perhaps best to make sure that you are not “too flashy” when you run your London errand. It is easy to presume that London is still as safe as it used to be. Sadly, it is not. You may even want to invest in a Marks and Spencer handbag, ditch the Dior boots and the Chanel jacket. Sure, it is fun to hang out with your girlfriends, but a girl has to do what she has to do in order to stay safe in London. Yes, it is true, even former Sloan girls have Oyster cards these days and are desperately trying to become more carbon-neutral. I do hope Hermes bags do not pollute the environment. 

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