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Londra'ya Taşınmadan Önce Bilmeniz Gerekenler

2 Haziran 2020

Londra'ya Taşınmadan Önce Bilmeniz Gerekenler

Are you thinking about moving to London? Many of us dream of living in the capital of our home country. Things are not any different when it comes to the UK. Once you have finished your education or training course, you are likely to be looking for the best employment opportunity, and the fastest way to set yourself up in life. However, does that mean moving to London is the right choice for you?

Before you pack your bags and move to London, you want to do your sums. Modern-day London is one of the most expensive capitals in Europe to live in but if you are a teenager there are things you can actually do. That does not only come down to the cost of housing. Unfortunately, the wages for the average person living in London are very low when compared to other capitals such as Amsterdam and Berlin. Not only that, it can be argued that both Amsterdam and Berlin have better services including transport and sports facilities.

You should also plan for the future. What if you meet Mr and Miss Right and would like to start a family? Schools in London are overcrowded and it can be hard to get your child into a good school. Not only that, there is a severe shortage of good quality nursery places for the younger members of the family as well. This is yet another factor you need to keep tucked away in the back of your mind before you make your move.

What about the pollution? Although London is not the only city in the UK with a serious pollution problem, it has been acknowledged that the problem of pollution is more severe in London than anywhere else. What does that mean? It could mean that living in London could have long term health risks for you and your family. More children in London suffer from asthma than anywhere else in Europe, and this is thought to be linked to pollution levels in the capital. Pollution can also cause other health problems such as dementia and heart disease. It is also worth considering that accessing GP services in London may be tougher than in other parts of the country. There is simply too much demand and many services are often overstretched. Private health cover is now considered essential in London. 

Could it be a better idea to stay where you are living right now? London is a wonderful place to live with its theatre district and tempting shops. But, unless you are going to be earning a lot more than the national average, it is a good idea to weigh up your options very carefully. At the end of the day, you could be better off staying exactly where you are and enjoy visits to London instead. Yes, London is nice, but there are many beautiful places in the UK to call home. Think carefully before you move and make sure that you make the right long term choice for you and your family. 

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