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Ya Coronavirüs Aşısı Bulmazsak?

26 Ağustos 2020

Ya Coronavirüs Aşısı Bulmazsak?

The medical establishment is still not sure if and when a virus for coronavirus can be found. There are many factors at play. First of all, we know that the virus has mutated several times.  The strain of coronavirus found in the United States is slightly different from the strain found in the UK and other countries. In China, a completely new strain of the virus appears to be emerging. 

Many of us are asking what our future will look like. Is the situation we are living in today the new normal?

The Future Of Retail With Corona

A large number of retail analysts truly believe it is too late for the high street. We know the way we shop was slowly changing, but coronavirus seems to have speeded up the process. An increasing number of stores are closing. We have even seen trusted retail outlets such as Debenhams and House of Fraser close. Department store shopping has always been popular in the UK, but now it would appear this is changing as well. 

This is popular way of shopping, appears to have had its day. Big stores have certainly gone out of fashion. It is not only our department stores that are struggling. Other traditional stores with large retail areas such as Marks and Spencer and Top Shop are also beginning to see a decline in customer numbers. 

We knew the retail industry was going to change in the years to come thanks to the Internet, but coronavirus appears to have speeded up the process. The future of shopping is online and the latest retail figures seem to confirm that. check out these top 10 sites that has the best summer deals

What About Coronavirus And Work? 

Coronavirus has not only affected the retail industry. It has also affected the way we work. More of us than ever before work from home or would like to work from home. Having more people working from home will also greatly change the landscape of many business parks and areas such as the City of London and Canary Wharf. Both areas are packed with offices which would normally house thousands of workers. 

Not only are business parks and other packed with virtually empty offices at the moment. Other businesses such as coffee shops and other commercial entities which service offices have been forced, at least on a temporary basis, been forced to close their doors. 

It makes you wonder if the office workers do not come back, will the other businesses in the socalled “office supply chain” bounce back? 

The truth is that coronavirus has the ability to change they way we work forever. Once again, the home working revolution was coming anyway. Coronavirus has just speeded it up.

What About Our Holidays? 

The Brits love their holidays are always jetting off somewhere. The travel industry was under strain before the coronavirus crisis. Taxes had been hiked to reduce the environmental impact of frequent air travel. Now that the airline industry is more or less on shut down, it is obvious that things are changing rapidly in all parts of the travel industry. 

We were gently being encouraged to consider how much we fly every year, but now it is more or less impossible to get away. Is this the future? Are we going to travel virtually in the future and enjoy more staycations in the UK? It would very much appear so. 

Yes, the travel industry was already changing, but coronavirus has certainly speeded changes up. 

Supermarket Shopping 

Another part of our economy which has been affected by the coronavirus are our favorite supermarket chains. We used to love nothing better than to flock to the big out of town supermarkets and fill up our trollies. 

Supermarket chains such as Tesco and Sainsbury pay a small fortune for their stores which more or less look like retail parks. It makes you wonder what is going to happen to them now that we are more inclined to shop for food on the Internet? 

Filling in an online form, or going through a website, means you don’t have to hit the supermarket on cold rainy nights. Place the minimum order and all you have to do is to sit back and wait for your food and daily essentials. 

Even discount retailers such as Aldi and Lidl are rumoured to be thinking about following suit. Amazon is partnering up with a major food delivery business. It would appear no matter what we do, online is the way to go. 

Smaller shopping schemes such as vegetable boxes and other local shopping schemes have also started to make it big. We rather deal with smaller growers than large farmers that may necessarily not produce quality food. 

Eating Out With Friends And Family

Yes, going out for a meal has always been a pleasure but even that is beginning to change. Thanks to companies such as Uber and others, we are now ordering more takeaways than ever before. 

Sure, we still like to meet up with our friends for a meal. But, it is much more likely that we will be doing so in our homes. It makes you wonder what is going to happen. Are we looking at smaller restaurants or is eating takeaway at home going to be the new normal? 

We have a long way to go before we find out what the “new normal” means. One thing is for sure, our lives are beginning increasingly isolated. The government and Boris Johnson is encouraging us to establish our “bubbles” to stay safe from the virus. 

For one reason or another, we are doing so anyway. A staying at home revolution is on its way. These days, you can buy almost anything online. The Internet is also packed with services that can help with many other things including medical and legal advice. 

It really does make you wonder what the future is going to look like. What a minute – is the sound of a delivery drone that I can hear outside my door. . . Maybe we will all have to live in a bubble if we don’t find a vaccine. 

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