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Londra'nın Daha İyi Nefes Almasına Nasıl Yardımcı Olabilirsiniz?

2 Nisan 2020

Londra'nın Daha İyi Nefes Almasına Nasıl Yardımcı Olabilirsiniz?

Can you help London to breathe better and save money at the same time? It is well recognised that London has a pollution problem. Most Londoners feel helpless when it comes to dealing with pollution especially the diesel and petrol cars in London. However, there are many things you can do to help to clean up the London air and add in more oxygen. Even if you live on the most polluted street in London, you should plant up a couple of window boxes and grow some plants.

What plants should you grow? If you would like to save money as well as improve air quality in London, you should invest in some common herbs. Rosemary is a rather hardy herb that loves to grow in areas where the pollution may be a bit higher than average. The herb with its slightly sticky leaves will take in the carbon monoxide and turn it into healthy oxygen. If you like to cook, you will never have to worry about rosemary again thanks to your new green friend.

Not all herbs are meant for cooking, but that does not mean that you should not use them. Planting up a window box with miniature roses and lavender will help to further improve air quality. Roses love to grow in polluted areas and respond especially well to high levels of carbon dioxide. Add some lavender to your window box, and you will soon have your own cut flowers that you can give away to friends and family.

There are other plants that would do well in London. Marigold is one of our most loved garden flowers. It produces a profession of gold or orange flowers that look stunning. As London is warmer than other parts of the country, it often flowers all year round. A planter packed with marigold can also contribute towards your salads. And you may not realise this, but even the humble pansy tastes great and adds color to a family salad. Besides, your kids will love the fact they can eat flowers.

Cornflowers are sturdy garden flowers which are very tolerant of tough growing conditions. You may think that they are all tall and leggy but they are not. Thanks to modern science, you can now get some lovely growing varieties which flower for a longer time. With their multi-coloured flowers, they will look amazing. Once again, this is a flower you can cut and take with you to your friend’s birthday party. With a pretty ribbon around, it is bound to put a smile on your friend’s face. 

If all Londoners planted up some window boxes, or put some plants on their terraces, the air quality in London would improve. We are in the habit of making things too complicated. Low tech measures to combat air pollution work just as well as some of the more expensive complicated solutions. Maybe we should all try to get in touch with our inner gardener. 

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