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19 Ocak 2016

Hippie, dippy fashion trends for summer 

This year it is time to put some flowers in your hair, and get back in touch with the peace and love moment of the 1970’s.

The fashion trends for this summer seem to be a glorious and crazy mix of hippy styles and khaki, just like a scene from the University of Berkeley, San Fransisco almost 50 years ago.

Not only will we being seeing some hippie style fashion this summer. The nautical theme is making a big come back, and many of the major fashion retailers seem to be focusing on the nautical theme.

Perhaps the average person will opt for the nautical theme but we are bound to see celebrities adopting the hippie, dippy look.


Looking around some of the accessory retailers, I noticed that odd earrings seem to be popular. This year it seems to be perfectly okay to wear a blue dangly earring in one ear and a brightly coloured red one in the other ear. I wonder what Pat Butcher would make of that.

Also when it comes to accessories, you mustn’t forget to buy yourself a choker. Chokers were very much part of the hippie style fashion movement, and can be really sexy. They are making a come back during 2015 and are well worth investing in as they are very transitional.

The nice thing about hippy style accessories is that vintage and second hand shops are full of them. Almost 50 years down the line you can still find some amazing hippy style hats and bags. This is really great news if you don’t fancy adopting the entire hippie style look.

Hippie style bags and accessories will look great even when worn with jeans and a colourful top. You may even want to dare to go a little bit psychedelic.

Sandals are back 

Along with the hippie look, it seems that sandals are back in fashion. Some retailers are already promoting their lace up sandals in colourful fabrics with printed flowers, or a slight khaki theme.

Many people who were part of the original hippie movement back in the 1970’s will probably remember that sandals were one of the fashion essentials.

Let’s go Vintage 

Vintage is cool, and if you have never taken the opportunity to shop for vintage clothes you should do so. This year could be the ideal year to become a savvy vintage shopper but you better be quick. The fashion conscious out there are already hitting the vintage shops, going through the rails of hippie style inspired clothing and in the process finding a bargain or two.

It is nice to be able to invest in some new clothes but it is more fun to be able to find some unique pieces in vintage shops which will become unique to you.

Try to look out for A-line skirts, colourful blouses and perhaps even some of those crazy bell bottom trousers people use to wear back in the 1970’s.

So, it sounds like we might be looking forward to some bohemian and hippie style summer fashion trends this year with a bit of khaki thrown in for good measure.

If you don’t feel that the hippie, dippy look is for you, you may want to check out some nautical themes instead. However, in a summer when it sounds like anything goes, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match and personalise your style.

So check out some Mamas and Papas music on Youtube, do some California dreaming and just indulge your creative side.