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Aşk Adası Yarışması – Gösterinin Londra X City üzerinden gerçekleştiğini bilin

Haziran 21, 2018

Love Island Contest–Know the Show’s happening via London X City

Love Island Contest – Discover the Latest Love Bytes on London X City

Love Island Contest series, a great reality show that invites spectacular single contestants to find love or exit out of the contest, organised at a marvellous villa in Majorca. Started in the year 2015 by ITV2, the contest series show had three different hosts in three series. There are many fans of this show, including some
diehard fans, as the contestants make them fall for them, with London X City covering all its happenings.
Love Island 2017 –Contest Winners
The winners of the contest held last year (in 2017) were KemCertinay and Amber Davies, who split their £50,000 winning amount. They both managed to
survive through various challenges along with the new coupling techniques introduced last year and garnered popularity among the fans across the world.
Series4 – The 4th Series of Love Island Contest
The 6-week long series started by breaking the summer boredom in June 2018 as well as increasing viewers’ excitement. Every week, fans want to know
whether their favourite contestants will stay or leave. London X City is covering all the latest happenings of the series, while contestants gaining popularity as
they progress through the show.
Love Island Contest Series-4Contestants.
The series started with 11 islanders including 5 girls and 6 boys. Here is a list of contestants with their brief introduction:
• Dr Alex George- A 27-year old A&E doctor arrived to do something different.
• Dani Dyer- A star daughter testing her destiny and find the love of her life.
• Eyal Booker–A 22-year old boy, willing to start a new journey.
• Samira Mighty- A 22-year old model trying to test her fame, she earned from various shows.
• Hayley Hughes–A young girl who wants to experience new challenges of love.
• Wes Nelson–An Instagram celebrity here to find true love, after dating various Instagram girls.
• Adam Collard–A Confident and mad-for-fitness personal trainer is a tough competitor this year.
• Laura Anderson–29-years old cabin crew member from Stirling.
• Jack Fincham- A stationery sales manager from Kent.
• Niall Aslam–He is a student as well as a construction worker from Coventry.
• Kendall RaeKnight–This 26-year-old model is a retail manager from Blackpool.
The contestants mentioned above reached the island, prepared to face the challenges and give their best out. With all those distinct profiles on the list, the salty
drama started in just the opening week of the series and the viewers just enjoyed watching the unique love strategies that their favourites adopted.
Who will win the Contest?
According to the latest coverage of the show by London X City, Niall’s exit due to some personal reasons disappointed the fans. He had won many hearts on
the show with his funny attitude adding some humour to the show.
As for now, Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham are being considered as the current favourites as per their fan the following count. Wes is next on the list of favourites
followed by Alex. After Kendall got eliminated from the villa, Dani Dyer got a chance to capture hearts of the show’s fans and take home a handsome win
amount. It’s like a debut film on this show that earns money along with love.