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Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley: Highlights, Pitfalls to Avoid for WWE Raw Feud

Charlotte Flair and Bayley’s battle over the WWE Raw Women’s Championship has the potential to be a stellar, stirring story that fans will remember for years to come.
Its foundation is strong, as the rivalry is built on a classic dynamic. Bayley vs. Flair is good vs. evil, the common (wo)man vs. ruthless royalty, heart vs. physical superiority.
Bayley thrives as a babyface. Flair is a top-notch heel. 
And their title matches, at the Jan. 29 Royal Rumble pay-per-view and beyond, promise to be excellent.
As WWE marches forward with this narrative, though, plenty of missteps could trip it up. The company cannot leave fans numb by overexposing these enemies as it did with Flair’s last rivalry. Succeeding at pacing and using role players will be vital too. 
Read on for a look at what is clicking between Bayley and Flair thus far and what hurdles lie ahead for the feud.Begin Slideshow
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