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Śmierć coupe?

sierpień 16, 2018

London X City is looking at the potential death of the coupe motor car with the increasing trend of the 4 door cars. Car manufacturers are now modifying the coupe design by adding more doors and effectively culling its iconic look. A coupe is essentially a 2 door car with either two seats or 2 front seats and 2
rear seats as opposed to the standard 3 seats in the back. The traditional look of the coupe is that of a sporty car with 2 doors.

However, with the increasing demand in the markets for 4 door cars and the ever rising competition for newer and better car designs and features, the car manufacturers are coming up with hatchback models of the Grand coupe. This has led to effectively cull out the iconic design of the coupe. This prompts us to ask the question whether it was a wise decision. Was it a good idea? It is somewhat between a coupe and a sedan. Though undoubtedly, the market response of this new 4 door coupe/sedan is positive and the future is looking bright and appealing. However, the question in the minds of many is still the same. Hasn’t the coupe been dragged enough? The coupe has an iconic design and with the newer  advancements in the car manufacturing industry, the initial design of the coupe risks on becoming irrelevant. The grand coupe has somewhat a classic design and due to the number of changes, the biggest one being the addition of doors, people are offered with numerous choices but this has created too much
of a mess.
Initially, we had the sedans and the SUVs which were then followed by the hatchback and the coupes. Now every day a new car is in the market that is somewhat a mixture of two or three of the previous models. There is no space for innovation and creativity and the car manufacturers are simply mixing and matching the predecessors and we are not sure if we like it or hate it. The new models of the grand coupe hatchback have people drooling and with their best technologies and top notch features and slightly steeper prices, they have made the car lovers go gaga. The only thing that still taunts us is the near
extinction of the coupe’s original design from London X City. This death of a classic that was a major hit in its prime days would be a cause of sadness for some.

Some such examples are the AMG GT 4 door coupe by Mercedes and the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. They have amazing features and have given access to the 4 door coupe segment. The BMW 4 Series is giving competition to the Audi A5 Sportback and many more. The newer versions have small upgrades in various niches to enhance its looks and performance. This car has opened the market for the new coupe
sedan hybrid and is taking the market by a storm. We are still undecided on the whole fiasco and are compelled to look on both sides of the coin. There is need of newer models and designs of cars that are not mere modified imitations of the predecessors. Sometimes, the wise thing is to let a classic remain a classic and not try to increase its popularity by entirely altering its look.