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Skoncentruj się na Brexicie: co powstrzymuje wyjście Wielkiej Brytanii z UE?

21 czerwca 2018

London X City has been taking a look at Brexit to try to find out what is stopping us from exiting the EU. It turns out that leaving the European Union is about
so much more than what is known as the Customs Union. Yes, it is about international trade, but there are factors which the general public may not be aware of
at this moment in time. Why can’t Mrs. May’s government be straight with us?
EU Law As Part of UK Law
It has come to the attention of London X City that the law plays a crucial part in the process. Did you know that many European laws which govern things like
the criminal justice system and employment law, have to be written into UK law before we can leave? In fact, many of those laws are many times better and
stricter than previous UK laws. London X City has learned it would be in our interest to keep them, and removing them from UK law would actually offer less
protection to UK citizens.
Where Do You Work?
Large European organisations such as the European Space Agency, do not want to lose their employees. Many top engineers working for the European Space
Agency are the best in their field. As we know, the space industry is becoming more and more competitive by the day. If UK aerospace engineers left to work in
the US, the equilibrium in the industry could change. What does that mean? It means top engineers could end up in America, and the European Space Industry
would end up the poor cousin to privately owned US aerospace companies.
London X City has learned from a NASA source that the US industry is waiting to pick up the cream of the crop. It is not only NASA which is standing by, but
Elon Musk would just love to offer Tesla cars as a sign on bonus to well-educated British aerospace engineers. Can we afford to lose them?
What About London After Brexit?
What is going to happen to London after Brexit? One of the most popular reasons to visit London is to enjoy a spot of shopping. However, the Internet seems to
have taken over. Top department stores now ship all over the world. It would be fair to say London needs to come up with some new ideas to entertain tourists.
Perhaps the Duchess of Sussex could help us out. She seems to have real star quality. Maybe Knightsbridge could be turned into an English style Rodeo Drive
with all of the fancy shops plus clotted cream and scones. Visitors to London could cruise by and do a little bit of people spotting, and enjoy an English tea.
It seems to work well enough in Beverly Hills, and with so many celebs living in London now, it could be a viable option. At the end of the day, we would all
like to see Pretty Woman walking down the street. London does not need Julia Roberts in her big hat – all we need is our lovely Meghan who seems to start
new trends in no time at all. Maybe that is what British retail industry will need after Brexit…