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Jak szybko sprzedać swój londyński dom?

marzec 5, 2020

Jak szybko sprzedać swój londyński dom?

With all of the changes going on in London, many homeowners are trying to sell their home some of them are looking at the viability of living in a shipping container read here They are worried that a no-deal Brexit may cause house prices to drop. As a result, they may not capitalise on any of the financial gains they have made on their property. 

If you are currently a London homeowner considering an escape to the country, it could indeed be a good idea to weigh up your options.  Estate agent websites such as Zoopla are doing a roaring trade in London based properties at the moment.

Sell Your Home Quickly

The home sale process starts long before you list your home on one of the leading real estate agents websites. If you are thinking about selling your home, you should go through with a fine-tooth comb. The process is called snagging and allows you to pick up any problems with your home. 

For instance, that drawer which does not shut properly may not annoy you but could annoy a potential buyer. Small things like that along with major issues need to be fixed before you list your home. It will give you peace of mind to know that there is nothing major wrong with your home. 

Staging Your Home

Once you have snagged your home, it is time to stage it. This is a bit like creating a movie set. As part of the staging process, you should declutter your home. You may not mind all of your little knick-knacks, but a potential buyer may think that they have less space.

Get rid of all of the clutter by selling it or giving to your nearest charity shop. This will help you to prepare your home for the next stage which is cleaning it.

Surprisingly many homeowners say that they find the cleaning process a rather harrowing experience. Maybe it is a good idea to get someone else into to do it. It will make the experience less stressful, and at the same time, professional cleaning can put that extra sparkle on your home.

Now you are ready for the final part of the staging process.

Make It Look Nice

Once your home is fixed, decluttered and cleaned, take a step back to see what it is missing. It is a good idea to create a focal point. An easy way of doing so is to place a vase of fresh flowers in a central area. For instance, they would probably look great on a dining table.

If you want to dress up a kitchen counter, don’t go for the bowl of fruit. Any type of fruit can quickly start to let off nasty smells as they age. Instead, go for something like a nice decorative object. Even a glass bowl with multi-colored cones will do the trick. 

Finally, never underestimate the benefit of fresh scent. But, here is a word of warning, don’t go down the artificial air fresheners route. Instead, choice naturally scented candles and even burning axes. That can make your home smell a lot nicer and not over the top. 

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