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Czy muszę spakować krem przeciwsłoneczny na wizytę w Londynie?

30 września 2019

Czy muszę spakować krem przeciwsłoneczny na wizytę w Londynie?

Are you planning on visiting London during the summer time? Should you happen to be packing your bags for a summer visit to London, you need to stop and check your packing list. Have you packed your suntan lotion? London is associated with wet and rainy weather, but that does not mean it rains 365 days a year. Summertime in London is often surprisingly warm, and you can easily get sunburned. Only this week, the Daily Mail ran a feature on the risk of sunburn in London.

In other words, packing suntan lotion is a must when you are planning a summer vacation in London. The high pollution levels in some parts of London can increase the risks of sunburn, for more guidance read here about an article on how pollution cause premature wrinkles. It is best to pack a suntan lotion with a factor of 20. Yes, you probably associate this with Mediterranean holidays, but because of the increased pollution in modern day London, the UV rays from the sun will pack more of a punch.

Just to stay on the safe side of those UV rays, it is best to pack a small and large suntan lotion. When you are sightseeing in London, you should top up your suntan lotion on a regular basis. Also, to minimise skin damage, it is best to invest in a paraben-free suntan lotion. Parabens come in the form of small crystals which stay on the skin and intensify UV rays. Natural suntan lotions are always the best solution.

Other top skincare tips for your visit to London include a good quality cleanser and make-up remover. The poor air quality in London can easily affect your skin and lead to skin damage. Washing your face in a PH neutral cleanser and using a natural herbal based make-up remover, will remove any pollution particles from your face. After you have completed your skincare routine, it is essential to apply a good quality moisturiser. 

Experienced London visitors often include a natural eye cream in their luggage. Pollution can easily cause black circles under the eyes. An eye cream containing an extract of cucumber or witch hazel will reduce swelling and skin damage caused by pollution. Also, you should pack eye drops.  Homeopathy based eye drops will help a great deal to reduce redness and eye irritation which you are likely to experience in London. Many top quality herbal and natural products are available in Covent Garden. This is an excellent part of London to visit if you would like to pick up some exciting natural skincare products and even homeopathic based remedies.

London is not only about shopping and catching the latest show. When you want to enjoy some quality downtime in London, you should also visit Chelsea Physic Gardens. A visit to Richmond park will help you to get away from central London and enjoy the beauty of a natural setting. The  London Wetland Centre in the London area of Barnes is another place to relax in. You can take the opportunity to make friends with a London duck or two, and it is a great place to cool off on a hot day in London. provide useful articles for you