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Londyński kryzys cukrowy

czerwiec 25, 2019

Londyński kryzys cukrowy

Living and working in London often means having precious little time for yourself. It is true that most Londoners diets are packed with foods which are less than good for them. Living in a big city often means you have less time for cooking and may feel less obliged to do so. After all, fried chicken shops seem to be popping up like mushrooms on almost every street in London, though some people already tried to avoid fast food chains.

Should London Declare War on Sugar?

New York has declared war on sugar and is on the verge of banning sugary drinks altogether. Perhaps London should do the same. Sugary drinks like Coca-cola are packed with sugar. Did you know that one can of Coke contains 16 sugar cubes? Of course, Coke is not the only drink which busy Londoners consume. Coffee shops sell sugar packed coffee drinks and then we have all of those energy drinks. Cutting down on sugary drinks can lead to healthy and natural inch loss in virtually no time at all.

The Fast Food Culture

The fast food culture is another reason why diabetes type 2 has become one of the most common health problems in London. When you finish work late, it is often easier to pop into a fast food restaurant and grab a meal. Not only are you eating in excess but you are also consuming much more sugar than you should. Sugar is a cheap and easy way for fast food companies to add taste to their foods. Batters are often packed with sugar and it is even added to what we presume are healthy salad dressings. Cooking at home is by far the healthier option.

Ready Made Meals

Cooking at home does not mean ready-made meals. Almost all ready-made meals are packed with sugar. If you were to spend some time reading the ingredient label on a ready-made meal, you would probably not buy it in the first place. Manufacturers love to use hard selling slogans such as low fat. Unfortunately, low fat does not mean low sugar. 

Many breakfast cereals and so-called healthy juices are also packed with sugar. A bowl of porridge topped with a banana is a better idea. Alternatively, you can try making your own smoothie with sugar-free yogurt and a large helping of berries. Add some oats, and your morning smoothie will keep you going until snack time.

You should also make time in life for shopping. It is tempting to rush in and pick up all of the offers. However, planning ahead will both help you to save money and cut back on sugar. Try alternative cooking methods such as steaming and grilling when you would like a quick supper. Once you get into the habit of cutting back on sugar and eating less sugar, you will soon realise how good you feel. 

Sugar should be a natural part of the diet, but in excess, it can cause havoc with your health and make you feel tired. The last two things you need when you live in an exciting such as London. you can also read more articles here with these kinds of topics