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Londyn – nowa stolica chirurgii plastycznej w Europie

6 maja 2019

Londyn – nowa stolica chirurgii plastycznej w Europie

Do a quick Google search and you will come across an almost endless list of medical clinics offering plastic surgery in London. You will find anything from dermal fillers to the most advanced facelift procedures. Looking down that list, you will have to ask yourself if modern-day London is now THE place to have a nip and tuck in Europe.

It is not unusual for UK residents to travel abroad to have enhancement surgery. However, many others travel to London to have plastic surgery. When it comes to enhancement work almost anything you dream of having done is found in London. So, why are many people traveling to London to have plastic surgery?

The standards of the clinics are higher. Most of the surgeons who work in London have considerable clinical experience. This ensures the work they carry out is better than perhaps their continental colleagues. Secondly, the clinics are of a higher standard. After your procedure, you can recover in comfort while you are looked after by the specially trained nursing staff. Your room will feel more like a luxury hotel room, and you may even find yourself staying in one of the beautiful mansion houses in Harley Street. For some, this is worth every penny when it comes to enduring enhancement surgery in London.

When you have recovered from your surgery, you can combine business with pleasure. The shopping in London is second to none, and many “enhancement tourists” would like to take advantage of shopping at top stores. Perhaps the “new you” would like to invest in a couple of new outfits and even enjoy a complete makeover investing in new make-up and skincare. In that case, you will find all top cosmetic companies represented in London.

All of the best stores in London offer personal shoppers, and they would love to help you to look good. As a matter of fact, many who visit London really do like to go for a completely new look and even get a new hair cut. The best clinics in London have associations with famous London hairdressers and make-up artists. When it comes to enhancing your looks in London, you really are spoiled for choice. Some of the services you may want to enjoy do come with a bit of a hefty price tag, but it is worth it. You will have the best of everything, and when you are finally ready to leave, you will not only feel like a new woman – you will be a new woman.

You can also take advantage of exciting hotels and fantastic dining opportunities during your stay in London. The UK never used to rank very highly when it came to fine cuisine. However, today, many UK chefs are considered to be some of the best chefs in the world. For instance, you can jump on the train and find yourself enjoying Raymond Blanc’s 9-course taster menu at his Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons restaurant in less than 2 hours. In other words, London and the surrounding area has much more to offer than enhancement surgery and dermal fillers.