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North Korean Summit Exclusive

June 13, 2018

Is Peace and New Riches on Horizon for North Korea? Written by: AnnieWall What did finally bring Kim Jong-Un to the negotiation table in Singapore? Is he concerned about what steps President Trump may take to bring down his regime, or is he after all of the President’s money? North Korea has not been part of the international community for some time, so you really need to wonder what is going on in Singapore. Former basketball star Dennis Rodman invited himself to Singapore which certainly raised a few eyebrows in what Donald Trump calls the Washington Swamp. What part does Dennis Rodman have when it comes to talking “turkey” with Kim Jong-Un, and what would he get out of a more liberal North Korea? North Korea – the New Home of Cryptocurrencies Every day a new cryptocurrency seemed to be announced. The latest is called Potcoin and seems to be sponsored by Dennis Rodman and the US-based legalize marijuana movement. There is an interesting link here – are you going to be able to pay for your marijuana purchase in Potcoin in the future? If, the financial transaction takes place outside of the US, the purchase of marijuana may indeed be legal. Also, many cryptocurrency schemes are looking for a home base. Is North Korea that home base and can the country’s banking system offer holders and traders of cryptocurrency something the rest of the world of the world can’t? That is what the editorial team on London X City would like to know. Property, Property and Property and Golf Courses The editorial team on London X City may not be PGA members, but we do know of someone who loves to play golf and build property, and that is Donald Trump. Mr. Trump can’t be seen to directly involved in any property deals in North Korea, but other members of his family do not face any restrictions. It makes you wonder who within the Trump family came up with the idea of showing Kim Jong-un a video of property development in North Korea? Will Mr. Jong-un soon be lining his own pockets with cash from a certain international property investor? What Are the Implications for the Western World? This is all about thinking “outside the box”. London X City would still like to know why the two men met with just two interpreters for the first part of their meeting. What did they talk about, and did they actually discuss politics which can change the world, and make the Western World a safer place? It is not very likely they discussed President Trump’s golf handicap. In fact, it is more likely they discussed investment opportunities in North Korea. Any property company making the first development of one of North Korea’s pristine beaches could make some serious money. Why else would the two talk in private with highly paid interpreters? Building a North Korea-a-Lago would not cost a lot, and developing a nearby golf course, would be the perfect way to attract major hotel chains to the area. Perhaps there would even be room for a casino. Now, who do we know who owns both a hotel chain and a Las Vegas casino? Did someone say the Trump Organization? It really does make you wonder…