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Crazy Creatures in London

June 4, 2019

Crazy Creatures in London

Some may call them alien invaders in London, but I like to call them crazy creatures in London. The other day, I was walking along the river when something caught my eye. It was a bit of a surprise as I don’t normally associate this type of animal with a walk along the Thames. Sitting proudly on a rock rather close to the shore, was a terrapin. It was one of those red ones which many call a Snapping Turtle. It is not a native species to London at all and can in large numbers even cause problems for native species of wildlife.

Exotic Birds in London

A fair few exotic pets have escaped from London gardens. Some London residents have even found exotic snakes in their gardens and called in the RSPCA. Fortunately for us, we don’t seem to have any dangerous snakes in our garden. But, that does not mean we don’t have surprise visitors. 

One of our neighbours is the proud owner of a white male peacock. The handsome bird is an escape artist and makes frequent visits to our garden. He has the habit of turning up around breakfast time and sit on the deck. It looks very much like he likes to come around for breakfast. His favorite food is porridge oats but he is also partial to a little bit of toast. 

Hamsters and Even More Hamsters

Birds and terrapins are not the only animals you are going to find enjoying a walk on the wild side in London. Escaped hamsters have moved into many parks. It is rumoured that Greenwich park has rather a large residential population of hamsters. Do they do any harm? So far it seems that London hamsters do not do any harm. In fact, they may even be doing some good and keeping down invading plants and weeds.

Just be careful if you try to rescue one. They do have a tendency to bite and their teeth are sharp. If you are concerned about a hamster, it is best to let the professionals deal with it. 

Finding a Wild Animal in London

What should you do if you find a wild or none native animal in London? The best thing you can do is to contact the RSPCA. You should be especially careful if the visitor to your garden is a snake or lizard. Snakes can be venomous and lizards will need very special living conditions. It is best not to try to rescue a wild animal yourself. 

It does make you wonder what else is living in London that we don’t about. So far there have not been any sightings of big cats like in Devon. That does not mean someone is not keeping larger wild animals in London. It is worthwhile to point out that you need a license for more exotic animal species. If you are considering an exotic pet, the first thing you should is to make sure you can care for an exotic pet in the right way.  Not all pets, especially dangerous ones, make great family friends when fully grown.