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How To Stay Cool in Summer

March 5, 2020

How To Stay Cool in Summer

With steady increasing global temperatures, London is not the only capital in the world which is suffering the effects of what is commonly known as climate change. Summers are gradually becoming hotter and hotter, and many of us are beginning to suffer from negative health side effects from the global climate heating up.  Some health issues are more common than others. For instance, excessively hot nights can lead to insomnia.

Insomnia and Alcohol

If you find that you are having a hard time sleeping at night, there are a couple of things that you can do. One of the sleep’s worst enemies is called alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol during the day, or before you go to bed, will lead to dehydration. Your body needs fluid to sleep as it waste management system goes to work when you sleep. Without fluid, the lymphatic system will not be able to complete the process effectively. Instead, you will wake up feeling queasy.  During very hot days, it is better to stay away from alcohol altogether. 

Keep Cool in the Shower

Although it is nice to take a hot shower after you have been to the gym, a cool shower will help to lower your body temperature more effectively. Stay in for a little bit longer, and dry yourself off very lightly to make sure you stay cool for longer.

Take a look at your shower gel. If you are currently using ginger or rosemary based shower gel, you want to switch to a gel containing chamomile. This wonderful unassuming herb has an amazing cooling effect which lasts for a considerable length of time. 

Cotton Sheets Will Do the Trick

Do you normally use polyester and cotton blend bedding? This type of bedding is very easy to care but is not very good for your skin. Instead of letting your skin breathe naturally, it hangs on to moisture and may make your bed feel warmer than it actually is or needs to be. since during summer we need to take care of our skin and not just our skin even our feet too

You should also consider ditching the duvet. If you have a bit of extra cash to spare, you can invest in a silk duvet. Silk can help you to regulate your body temperature much more efficiently than anything else. Cotton based covers are good as well, but sometimes they are much heavier than silk.

Things You Can Invest on Amazon

The shopping site Amazon has some great offers on things like fans and dehumidifier. You probably don’t need to install an airconditioning unit in your bedroom, but a fan and a dehumidifier should do the trick. Turn on and start colling your bedroom about an hour before you go to bed, and you will feel cooler when you get into bed. 

Ditch Your Curtains

Ditch your curtains and get some cool cotton nets instead. Cotton curtains or nets come in all colours these days. They used to be rather boring, but now you can easily get them to match your décor. Shopping sites can save you a lot of money, but also check out high street stores.  The store Next Home as always got a great range of offers. You will even find that top quality stores such as Liberty in London, are a lot less expensive than you may think. During sales periods, always turn to top department stores to pick up quality home furnishings at fantastic discount prices. 

Just a few of the “cool’ ideas that can help you to chill out on hot summer nights, some additional tips can be found in