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Should We Ban Smoking in Public? 

December 5, 2020

Should We Ban Smoking in Public? 

Smoking in public may not necessarily contribute to our ridiculously high pollution levels in London. But then again, smoking still releases a lot of harmful compounds into the air that we breath. I am sure that many of you have sat in an outside cafe enjoying a nice cup of coffee while cigarette smoke has wafted across from the next table. 

What do you do when that happens? At the moment, there is not very much you can do. Of course, you can lean across and ask them to put out the offending cigarette or cigarettes. However, you are much more likely to be met by a rude comment.

But, what if you could call the cafe shop owner over and ask them to help you out? Increasingly, more of is than ever before are becoming concerned about our health. Yes, we do worry about all of the pollution in London, but not only that. We have also increasingly started worry about smoking. 

Why Should Someone Smoke On Your Patch? 

Since we have come out of lockdown, more of us have started to spend time outside. London all of a sudden has that European street cafe feel to it. We are sitting outside, drinking cafe or having a drink. Unfortunately, many of us have brought many of our bad habits with us. 

Before the crisis, we used to enjoy our coffee indoors. That meant we could not smoke. For some reason, we have automatically assumed it is okay to smoke now that we have to have our coffee sitting outside. 

Is that really okay? 

Is It Time To Give Up Smoking In Public? 

All of this has made me wonder if it is not time to give up smoking in public? In that last couple of weeks, I have lost count of how many times I have seen fellow coffee drinkers give smokers dirty looks. 

In my opinion, it is only right. Why should some have the right to spoil the taste of your coffee with their smelly cigarettes. Okay, they may think cigarette smoke smells nice, but to us none smokers, it spoils a good cup of coffee. 

Most coffee drinkers would argue that it is time to give up smoking in public. 

What About Smoking In Public On Other Occasions? 

This is a difficult subject to talk about, but I think it is about time we had the discussion. Smoking is not good for us – we know that much. 

Your cigarette smoke can have serious health consequences for others around you. For instance, it can spell disaster for someone who suffers asthma. In a worst case scenario, someone could end up in hospital. 

Because of high pollution levels in London, more people than ever before suffer from respiratory disease. And yes, tobacco smoke does indeed affect any kind of respiratory illness negatively. 

What About Vaping? 

What about Vaping I hear you ask? Well, I am not sure that vaping is such a good idea. To be honest, we simply don’t know what is included in vaping mixes. Are they safe? Most manufacturers claim that their vaping mixers are perfectly safe. 

However, I would like to ask one question. Who sets the standards as far as vaping mixes are concerned? I am not really sure if there are any standards when it comes to vaping mixes. Most of my friends who vape, don’t seem to care what is in their vaping mixes. 

The only thing they care about is that they seem to be able to vape almost anywhere. I really don’t think that is okay. 

I think that we need to learn more about vaping. It is time to find out and prove if this practice has any serious side effects. Much more research is needed. 

In general, I do think that it is about time we learned more about many of our polluting habits. It turns out scientists have known for years that diesel fumes are dangerous. Despite that, it took ages for them to tell the rest of us. 

It does make you wonder what other information they are sitting on. It is about time we looked at the way we behave and act towards when we are in public. What really makes it okay for someone to pollute your personal space? 

Time To Protect The Air We Breathe

It is time to protect the air we breathe in more ways than one. Yes, of course we should guard against general pollution. But at the same time, we need to learn that everything we do contribute towards the air quality around us. 

One cigarette may not seem like it could do much harm. However, when you think about those thousands of cigarettes being smoked in London everyday, it does make you wonder. 

Smoking Is Not Natural

So, come on, neither smoking and vaping are not natural activities. If we were meant to smoke, we would have developed a chimney at some point in evolution. The last time I looked at myself in the mirror, I did not notice a chimney poking out of the top of my head. 

I know that some people may claim that us non-smokers and non-vapers seem to be going over the top. But, are we really? 

Looking after your health is about so much more than just focusing on the big things. Sometimes, you need to take smaller things into consideration as well. We know that small things can affect larger organism around us. That is only of the things we have learned during the current epidemic. 

A small virus has turned our world upside down. Thanks to fewer people entering London on a daily basis, we have managed to cut down on pollution. How about going that extra mile and making sure we cut out other harmful air pollutants as well? One of them is certainly cigarette smoke. As I said, one cigarette may not matter so much, but all of those thousands which are smoked in London every day, are bound to have an impact on London’s air quality. 

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