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The London X City top 10 Sites with the Best Summer Deals.

June 25, 2018

The London X City top deals of this summer list include online stores we analysed for 16 hours and the following 10 stores were hand-picked from the total 80
sites analysed.

Single Price is offering everything at the store is £5. the store features female fashion. Dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, jeans and towels, High heels and Handbags,
among others accessories. Shoes including the high heels, flats, boots. This store has the best of summer apparel and accessories.

2. the store in the UK is offering up to 60% off in the clothing and apparel for both women and men. This low price offer is available for men’s
designer jackets, pants: women’s designer clothes and accessories in shoes, handbags and jewellery. It also deals in

The Swaguk summer sale offers up to 50% off jewellery and top designer brands with a free shipping option and they also accept returns for up to 60 days after
purchase. The offer covers a variety of items including diamond rings and necklaces, silver rings, golden necklaces for both women and men.

Shopping Scanner’s summer sale offers up to 70% off women and men’s designer clothes. Women’s tops, pants and others product to chose from a wide
catalogue with over a million products. The men’s catalogue has a wide range for selection, including Designer jeans, shirts, sportswear. There is a vast variety
of accessories including the luxury sunglasses, scarves, handbags, shoes among others.

Look Of The Day(LOTD) offer everything is £5 or less in summer styles females dresses. Bikinis, swimsuits, tops, skirts, boots among others. accessories
including designer handbags, necklaces and ear.

The summer sale offers up to 70% off a variety of designer brands and apparels. Being one of the biggest online shops in the world, it has a wide selection of
products from the best designer brands in both men’s and women’s clothes, and accessories including shoes, jewellery, handbags and others.

The 10store offers up to 90% off all UK brands and everything it at £10. The sale offer covers products in men’s and women’s designer clothes; Several
accessories including shoes, scarves, handbags are available at a discounted price.

The sale Network offers up to 75% off major brands in designer clothes and accessories for both adult men and women.
There is a wide catalogue for you to select. For ladies, the offer covers luxury designer dresses, handbags, pants, jackets, bikinis, and other accessories.
Mens catalogue offers a variety of designer products which include shirts, jeans, shoes, shorts and other accessories.

The site offers a staggering 75% off the best designer brands in men’s and women’s clothes. Ladies designer dresses, tops, swimsuits and accessories like high
heels, boots, handbags, and jewellery.
Men’s designer jeans, T-shirts, shorts, shirts and accessories like sunglasses, shoes, and jewellery.
The Next clearance sale offers up to 50% off clothes and apparel in designer brands for both adult women and men. Products range from summer style designs
in women’s dresses, tops, jackets, swimsuits, skirts, bikinis and accessories like jewellery, boots, high heels among others.