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Fat / skinny celebs /people

January 19, 2016

It’s more dangerous to be ‘Skinny Fat’ than it is to be OBESE: Research shows that one in FOUR skinny people are ‘metabolically fat’ because of diet soft drinks, lack of sleep and unhealthy habits

  • ‘Skinny Fat’ describes a person who may appear skinny but is unhealthy
  • People who are skinny fat are likely to neglect their health because they assume they are well due to their appearance
  • One in FOUR skinny people have pre-diabetes, are ‘metabolically obese’
  • Skinny diabetics have a higher mortality rate than obese diabetics
  • They often have unhealthy fat around their organs 
  • Problems occur when people try to be skinny instead of fit
  • Running without doing any weights is surprisingly a BAD decision
  • Artificial sweeteners are damaging to a person’s metabolism
  • A lack of sleep, high stress levels and not enough TEA are damaging