How I Became A Confident Lover

How I became more confident

When my wife and I split up, I lost all of my confidence. I thought by getting out there and meeting new hot ladies, I would quickly regain my confidence. Sadly it wasn’t to be and I ended up spending all of my time alone. It was kind of sad and I felt myself getting lonelier by the day. In the end, I started to date girls at London escorts. It had not really been the plan, but I was very lonely.

I often wonder if it was fate that forced my hand, because as I started to spend more time with London escorts, I became more confident. Not only was I meeting hot girls at London escorts, but I was also meeting a lot of nice ladies away from London escorts. My life started to change dramatically and I was soon enjoying life more than ever before. It felt good and I knew that I would be okay, it was a really fantastic feeling.

During my time dating London escorts, I learned a lot about girls. One of the things that ladies really like is being listened to. I am sure that many of the girls that I meet today away from London escorts, do not appreciate that escorts taught me about women. The ladies that I meet often compliment me on my listening skills and I am sure that many of them really mean it. You will often find me sitting at party listening to the ladies talking. There are many times when I think it makes other gents a bit envious.

Women also like being treated like ladies, it does not matter what age or where they are from. I always treated the girls at London escorts like ladies, and I noticed that they enjoyed it as well. Now, I do the same things to the girls that I date outside of London escorts. I make sure that I buy them flowers and that I know what they like. If a girl says that she wants to see a particular movie, I make sure that we go to see it. It is a bit like that with shopping as well. If one of the girls that I am seeing would like to go shopping, I make sure that I take her and know all of her favorite stores. Women find that dead sexy and they really do think that you care.

Having fun with ladies makes you feel more confident around women as well. That is something else that London escorts taught me. I know that it easy to arrange dinner dates at stuff like that, but I do so much more. Women love nice surprises and I am always taking my girls for picnics or to the zoo. Sex is great but if you want to have great sex, you need to put in a little bit of effort. That is another thing that I have learned from London escorts. I am now finally confident around women and I think that they find that really sexy.