Wanstead escorts – views on bisexual relationships

When a Relationship is Not a relationship

I work with a couple of girls at cheap Wanstead escorts services who are bisexual. It is the first time I have worked with bisexual London escorts. It has given me a unique insight into what it is like to live in a bisexual relationship. Has working with bisexual girls at Wanstead escorts changed my opinion about bisexuality? I would not say that it has changed my opinion, but it has certainly led me to contemplate what a bisexual lifestyle is all about.

Would I want to be in a bisexual relationship with a girl from Wanstead escorts? I am not sure that I would. As a matter of fact, I would question if bisexual partners are actually faithful to each other. What happens when you fancy having sex with a person of the opposite sex? I could not imagine what it would be like to tell my partner that I would like to have sex with someone else.

Bisexual Girls at cheap Wanstead Escorts

When I take a closer look at our escort agency, I notice there are rather a few girls who claim that they are bisexual. I keep on wondering if they are genuinely bisexual, or if it is something that they mention on their Wanstead escorts profile to make themselves more interesting. Over the last two years, there seems to have been an explosion of bisexual girls at cheap escort agencies across London. I have this sneaky suspicion that many girls just claim to be bisexual. 

Does claiming to be bisexual make a girl more interesting? I think that some men think it is a little bit more exciting to date bisexual girls. But, are they sure that the girls they date are really bisexual escorts in London? It could be that the fantasy or the concept is much more important than reality. After all, many men like to fulfill their fantasies by dating girls from Wanstead escorts or other escort agencies like Ilford escorts, Barking escorts, Bow escorts, Chingford escorts, East Ham escorts, Canary wharf escorts, Hackney escorts across London.

Do I Have Any Bisexual Feelings?

I did kiss a girl once but I don’t think that makes me bisexual. Did I enjoy the experience? Yes, I did enjoy the experience and it was totally different from kissing a man. It could be that some women appreciate the more gentle nature of other women and that is why they become bisexual. Perhaps we all need a bit of both, but I am not sure how that is going to work long term.

Speaking to the girls at cheap Wanstead escorts, it seems to me that many of them are in and out of relationships all of the time. I am not sure what that says about bisexual relationships. Does it mean that bisexual men and women are less loyal to each other? That is what I am beginning to think to be honest.

Do We Focus Too Much On Our Sexuality?

Maybe we make too big of a deal of our sexuality. But, on the other hand, our sexuality is something that dominates our lives. If we don’t know what we are all about when it comes to our sexual needs, I think that our lives can be a lot more challenging. I have never doubted my sexuality. I love men and spending time with them is a real pleasure. I guess that it the main reason I enjoy working for Wanstead escorts so much.

Would I put myself down as a bisexual escort to attract more clients? No, I would not do that. I believe it is very important to be honest with the men. I would not dream of leading any of my dates at Wanstead escorts astray just to make my dating profile more exciting. In fact, I feel strongly about that, and I don’t think that other girls who work at Wanstead escorts should do so neither.

If you genuinely have feelings for both men and women, I think that life can be rather difficult. I do like the bisexual Wanstead escorts that I work with but I would not want their lifestyles. Not knowing where I stand with my partner would totally confuse me and I am not sure that it would be fair to on either one of us. I don’t mind kissing a girl, but in my case, it will never go any further than a kiss.