Upton Park escorts describe their most expensive date

The Most Expensive Date Ever

Upton is a part of London which used to be a little bit down market. However, in recent years, Upton has become a very popular part of London to live in. It is still somewhat cheaper than other parts of London, but a lot of rich people have  moved to Upton. It has done Upton Park escorts a lot of good. Our escort agency in Upton London is now busier than it used to be. We also seem to be dating wealthy businessmen, and I think that is something all of the girls at cheap Upton Park escorts are happy about.

Elite Escort Services at cheap Upton Park Escorts

With the influx of money in the area, I feel more like an elite escort. When I first joined Upton Park escorts we mainly dated a lot of local guys who had been born and bred in the area. Like most of the guys around here, they were all about work, dating Upton Park escorts and watching West Ham play football. That has all changed now. These days you are far more likely to end up on posh business dates when you work for Upton Park escorts service. I am totally okay about that, but I do miss some of my regulars. Many of the guys I used to date simply can’t afford to pay the high fees that our escort agency charge now. This is why Upton Park escorts service has set up a cheap Upton Park escort agency as well as our elite one.

I work for the elite escort agency in Upton Park and I love it. The men I date treat me totally differently from the guys I used to date when we were just cheap slutty escorts in Upton. Recently I went on one of the most expensive dates that I had ever been on. The date was with a foreign gentleman who was visiting London on a longer-term basis. He wanted to go to the opera in Vienna, and chartered a jet so that we could fly there. I loved the experience and would love to do it again.

My Most Expensive Date Ever with Upton Park Escorts

The date sort of started a couple of days before us flying to Vienna. The gent arranged for me to go shopping with him. Mind you, I had been dating him for a while, and eventually, he became convinced that I was the right girl to take to Vienna. In order for me to look my best, he even bought me a designer gown. I have never owned a designer gown before. It still hangs in my wardrobe today just in case I will need again.

On the day of the actual date, he picked me up from cheap Upton Park escorts in chauffeur driven car and we went to a smaller airport south of London. Waiting for us was a privately chartered jet. We boarded and during the flight we enjoyed champagne. After the opera, we went for this meal which was second to none and stayed overnight in a hotel. 

The next day we flew back to London and I found myself on duty with Upton Park escorts again. It was a lot like being swept off my feet and I loved the experience. I can only imagine what it must be like to live like that. Would I do it again? I would love to do it again, and I am pretty sure that most of the girls at Upton Park escorts would love to have a similar experience.  It was so cool and I am not sure that I am ever going to enjoy a dating experience like that again. 

How to Spoil Your Escort

This guy really spoiled me and I have to say that many of the gents I date at cheap Upton Park escorts like to spoil me. I am not sure if I am ever going to experience a date like that again. If it does not happen, I will let the entire experience be a very sweet memory. When I am not with Upton Park escorts, it will give me a real thrill to look back on this memory. Like I said to the gent, I will always treasure the time he and I had together in Austria. For more stories on dating you also check Belsize Park escorts, Charing Cross escorts, St John’s Wood escorts, Oxford Circus escorts, Tottenham Court Road escorts, Bond Street escorts, Marble Arch escorts.