Tottenham Court Road – escorts explain why some women stop sleeping with their husbands

When Sex Has Lost Its Appeal

I will never forget the day when my mom told me that her relationship with my dad was suffering. She used the popular English expression “ our relationship has gone south” and burst into tears. I was having a long weekend off from Tottenham Court Road escorts and I had popped around to see my mom and dad. As usual, my dad, a retired pilot, was out playing golf with his former pilot buddies. My mom who still does a part-time job in a local supermarket had been left at home nursing a cup of tea. 

Looking at my mom, I noticed that she did not look too good. She looked tired and down. The last time I had a long weekend off from cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts I had popped in to see her, and she had been happy. Now, my mom, the former glamorous Concorde air cabin crew member, looked bedraggled. Her hair was in a mess, and she told me she was not sleeping with my dad anymore. Sex to her had lost its an appeal.

Life is About More than Golf 

Sometimes life is about more than golf. I really felt like shaking my dad. My dad is 14 years older than mum and sometimes I really do feel that he does not handle their relationship very well. I see this far too often at cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts. Many men his age think that they can go ahead and ignore their partners, and just expect them to get on with life. I know what the truth is – my mom simply does not “thrive” without my dad. That is the problem and this is the reason she has gone off him sexually. 

I would not say that all of the men I meet at Tottenham Court Road escorts are the same, but many men my dad’s age behave like him. It does annoy me, and I could see that my mom was hurt. My mom used to be my dad’s everything and now she felt that she was competing with his golfing buddies. She had spent so many years looking after him that she felt like she was only his wife.

Some Sensible Advice from Tottenham Court Road Escorts

My dad had a fantastic professional life and now lives on his past glory. Somewhere in all of this, he has left my mom behind. I remember when they used to sit on the sofa and drink champagne together. I love going back to cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts and tell the girls about how much in love my parents were.  It is awful to see my mom as this and I will admit to being very angry with my dad. 

Now I realise that my dad has forgotten to make my mom feel special. I am sure it happens all of the time in many relationships. But, it has upset me it has happened to my own parents. My mom needs to feel that special again, and dad needs to realise what he is doing wrong. Mom said that he never kisses my neck or takes me out for cake. I know what she means – all of this made her feel special. The same thing happens to me at Tottenham Court Road escorts. I rather date the guys that makes me feel special. Most girls feel like that and it is really what actually that turns you on. The girls I work with know how to make their partners feel special.

Next weekend I am going to see them again. This time I am going to have a serious word with my dad. If he can’t see that my mom is hurting, he is a silly man. I know I should not really interfere in their relationship and my colleague Lilly has said i can do more harm than good, but I often do this at cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts. I simply can’t stop myself. My dad needs to be told what is going wrong if he ever wants to have some fun in between the sheets with my mom again. The one thing I don’t want is to see my parents split up. I have this feeling that they have just lost their way, and need to reconnect. Maybe my dad could arrange a special holiday and let me mom enjoy a sunshine break.