My Girlfriends Loves Me Despite My Porn Habit

I have been with my girlfriend for the past 3 years now and even before we got into a relationship we were childhood friends. She and I have shared so much between us that it is unbelievable to even express. The one thing that I have always had a weakness for is porn; and this is something that has been with me for a long time. It is not that I am a total addict to it, but it is something that I like to watch because it helps me out in many ways. Before we went out i was addicted to London escorts and Heathrow escorts.

Some people are addicted to porn only because it helps them to take care of their needs to masturbate. In my case, it is different. Through porn I get to learn how to be a better person in bed. As much as people may think this is a joke, the reality is that it does help me. I look at the various styles and positions of how I can make my girl happy.

There are also times when we both sit down and watch it together. Sometimes I even turn on porn to set in the mood. We have already spoken about it and she is fine provided I do not let it affect our relation. I know the line that I have to draw and I maintain it. The only request she had was that I would never watch child or animal pornography.

Sometimes when she is out with her friends, I have the boys over at our place and we all sit down to enjoy a Porn night. This is our way of having some boy time while she goes out with the girls. Watching XXX videos and movies is not a bad or dirty thing; it just how you respond to the whole thing.

From my experience, whenever I porn it’s not that I am jerking myself off. Neither does it mean that I disrespect her by not giving her time. We have had some of the best nights off our lives thanks to it. In fact, we have even spiced our love life by checking out the different sex toys there are in the market and watching a live demo of how to use it.

The general misconception people have about porn is that it is only for entertainment purposes or helps to release some juice out. No doubt, there are a few that go overboard with it and practically make their world. But this is a reality that we all live in; the difference is that we do not flaunt it out in the open.

If you are fine with one night stands, recording your intimate moments or sleeping with escorts or call girls, the why is it that watching porn is considered a bad thing?

The fact of the matter is that XXX is nothing but just normal people who have chosen a profession that is seen on screen. Yes, I do agree that sometimes the things that are shown on the videos can be gross or even disgusting, but that is just a script or rather an action film where there are no fights, because the action is on bed.

The perspective you have in your mind about something can speak a lot about how you think. When you look at things from a larger picture, it helps you to read between the lines. My girl has always looked at the brighter side of things. In fact we often sit down and even discuss the moments that we enjoyed while watching a porn video.

We all have needs and wants; the physical desire of our body is part of it. If you are in a position to make your partner happy, then you should not leave any stones unturned to move that way. The ability to stay in a relation when you know that your partner is watching porn does not go well with some females.

Butt then when you have a girl who understands that you like to do something and you would rather do it openly is very different. I love the way porn stars are able to carry off what they do. As much as I love to watch XXX videos or movies, I would never have the guts to stand in front of a camera.

Sometimes I even try to act like one of the porn stars (although I suck at it), but we tend to laugh it out when she passes these witty and sarcastic comments. All in all, we have a fun relationship where we are not like two typical lovers but in fact two friends who are in love with each other.

There are even day where she herself will turn a porn video if she is in a mood to watch one. A few days earlier, I was up until late watching a few videos only because she was not well. She turned around and told me that she wished she was a XXX star. When I questioned her why, she told me that at least that way I could be happy to say I was dating a star.

Very honestly, it was the way she said it and the actions that came along with it that made me crack up. She stood with a spatula in her hand and made this funny pout. The pose that she held for a few seconds was so weird that I fell off the chair laughing.

My relationship with my girl may sound unreal for many people; but for those who can relate to it, you know how funny it can be. The mellow drama that a lot of men face pertaining to this habit is way out of question in my life. Sometimes we do have our fights, but there is nothing that carry’s over after we have sorted things out.

For all the guys who love watching adult movies, I can only say that as long as you do not let this control your relationship, you can actually talk to your partner and make her understand. It is only the approach your use and the way you balance your relationship that is important.