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London Escorts Sexual Tips To make A Woman Orgasm

My girlfriend and I have been together for 4 years now and she has never had an orgasm. We have tried almost all positions known to man and every other technique we could think of. We even booked a consultation with a sex therapist and gynecologist and her body is just fine and does not have any abnormalities. At some point, this begun to erode my self-esteem and confidence because I would always wonder if I was not man enough for her. She would encourage me and point out that the problem was her and not me. But I still wanted her to enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm and my mind could not rest. It was not that she did not enjoy the sex itself, but that she did not get an orgasm out of it.

There were times when I felt that she was almost there, but the moment eluded her and it was just the same every other time. So how could I make my girlfriend orgasm after trying so hard for so long? That’s when I called London x city escorts and booked a consultation with one of their
escorts. When she arrived for our session, I told her about my troubles and she told me that I had certainly chosen the right place. We talked for a while and she asked me if I would like her to meet my girlfriend or if we should do this without her.

I chose to do it without my girlfriend’s knowledge so that I could surprise her on our 5th anniversary with an orgasm. This would be the ultimate gift to her and I truly believed it would change our relationship and take it to a whole new level. London escorts are well versed in the art of pleasure and satisfaction. She gave me a detailed lesson on the clitoris and G-spot and gave me a few tips on things to do and not to do to make my girlfriend have an orgasm. So I tried each and got astounding results.


Do not over try- My escort told me that the best way was for me to begin with a few relaxation techniques. I was to try a massage and use essential oils to soften the mood in a candlelit room. I tried this and my girlfriend had a soft look on her face as I massaged her body and whispered sweet things in her ear. I got to discover the power of touching could be stronger than penetration. Once the anxiety and foreboding were eliminated she was free to truly enjoy the emotions going through her body. This also built up the anticipation of what was to come and I enjoyed it as much as she did.

Get the juices flowing:

One thing London escorts taught me was that sex without lubrication could be painful. I had always been of the mindset that all sex was good. A woman requires more time to become aroused and that would usually take longer for her. The London escorts advised me to give my girlfriend a preview of what would come next but not undress. I did this by caressing her in both gentle and less gentle ways and the reaction I got was great. They also told me to that kissing was an important part of foreplay and that I should alternate between kissing her mouth and her neck to increase pleasure. Once I felt that her juices were flowing I could move on to the next part and undress her slowly; item by item of clothing.

More foreplay: 

Yes. I know it might seem like we are getting there too slow. But the London escorts assured me that slow was the way to go. I stroked her clitoris in the way the London escorts had taught me and had lube tube nearby in case things got dry. This also helped me grind on her clitoris and get her aroused to appoint we had never gotten to before. The London escorts had told me to rub and press on her magic spot in alternating motions. This built up more arousal and desire and her moans let me know I was on the right track.

The orgasm:

I tried all the tips the London escorts gave me and made sure I went slowly and I asked my girlfriend to let me know how it was coming along. Well, suffice to say there were no words to say as she reached her orgasm and clutched on my back like both our lives depended on it. While she reached her orgasm I kept the stimulation going for a few seconds then reduced and increased alternately. It became clear to me that the clitoris was an essential part of reaching an orgasm and I couldn’t have made my girlfriend reach her orgasm without the help of London escorts to
whom I am truly forever grateful.

The London escorts also mentioned that I might want to try a vibrator to increase arousal. I was skeptical about it but had a conversation with my girlfriend about buying her a vibrator and she was on board with that game plan. The London escorts helped me browse online for various vibrators and we tried each one with my girlfriend with very satisfactory results. The vibrators had a different setting for speed and pressure and we experimented with them all. Thanks to London escorts my girlfriend and I have found a new meaning to our relationship and we are always trying new things to spice it up and keep it exciting. We spent our 5th anniversary cooped up in a hotel room exploring the pleasure of orgasms and did not get out until the reality of our jobs awakened us. We still remember our first experience with fondness and naughtiness and go back to that hotel room every year to celebrate London escorts and the happiness they brought into our lives. I wonder what type of sexual tricks Heathrow escorts could teach me lol?