St John’s Wood escorts discuss the difference between dating rich men to poorer men

I Love Working for St Johns Wood Escorts

Before I joined St Johns Wood agency, I used to work for a cheap London escorts service. It was okay, and although it may sound cruel to my previous dates, I do like working for St Johns Wood escorts. The simple truth is that you meet a much better class of gentlemen where i work now. 

I realise that not all girls are as lucky as I am. Some girls just seem to get stuck working for cheap escort services in London. The problem with that is that you get stuck in a rut. You may not be able to progress your career and find that you are not doing as well as other escorts. Since I joined St Johns Wood escorts, I have done so much better for myself, and with slightly lower property prices in London, I am saving up towards a flat. If I would have stayed on and continued to work for the cheap escort service in London, I may not have been able to do.

The Advantages of Dating Rich Men

Most of the girls here at St Johns Wood escorts do think that there are advantages to dating rich men. First of all, the pay rate is higher when you date rich men, but that is not the only thing that matters. Most rich men I have during my time with the escort agency in St Johns Wood have been real gentlemen. They have always made sure that you have enjoyed the date as much as they have.

Rich men also spoil you in other ways. I have been with cheap St Johns Wood escorts for about two years now. During that time I have received some great presents. My wardrobe is packed with designer handbags. I have also lost count of the last time I bought a perfume or body lotion. I always seem to be getting some nice presents and gifts from the gentlemen I date at St Johns Wood escorts.

St Johns Wood Escorts on Dating Poor Men

I understand that not all men who date escorts are rich. They still want some feminine company, but I am sure all the girls at St Johns Wood escorts, would tell you that the dating experience is different. Men who have less money are not very likely to leave a tip, and they may just come and see you once. Okay, you are likely to have some regulars, but even they come and see you less.

Dating rich men often mean hooking up with them more often and you may even end up seeing the same man every week. The overall dating experience is totally different. Dating a rich man often means going out to some of the best eating places in London and you will need to be prepared for that.

Is Dating Rich Men More Demanding?

The question I get asked by other girls thinking about joining cheap St Johns Wood escorts most frequently is if it is more demanding to date rich men. When I first joined, I did not think it was going to be more demanding. The simple truth is that it is more demanding to date rich men. It has to do with the style of dating.

When you date rich men, you are likely to be out on a date for a longer period of time. The date may start with a nice meal and after that you may move on to drinks. Since I have been dating rich men, I have been coming home later and feeling a lot more tired. I guess most girls at St Johns Wood work a lot harder for their money. A lot of girls who work for cheap London escorts services probably think that we don’t work hard, but we really do.

You are also expected to travel from time to time, and when you travel with a date, you are expected to keep your personal life in order. I used to have a cat but since I started to work for St Johns Wood escorts, the cat has had to go and live with my mom in Richmond. It was impossible for me to keep up with everything and work long hours at St Johns Wood escorts. But like I say to the girls who are thinking about joining the escort agency in St Johns Woods, I am a lot happier working for the agency then I was when I worked for a cheap escorts service.