Shoreditch escorts – how to deal with obsessive partners

Help! My Partner is Obsessed By Everything

When I first met Nick I thought that he would be kind of a regular guy, but he turned out to be anything but regular. What I did not realise was that he had a huge porn video collection, and was in all rather obsessed by porn. There was little wonder that he got a huge great big smile on his face when I told him that I worked for cheap Shoreditch escorts. It must have been like a dream coming true for him. 

I am not normally that upfront about my career with Shoreditch escorts, but for some reason, I felt comfortable telling Nick about it on our third date. We did not spend a lot of time talking about it, but I could see that he was rather taken back. It was not until we had been out together five times Nick told me about all of his different obsessions. I am used to meeting men at Shoreditch escorts who have got one obsession, but I could not believe that Nick could actually live with so many different obsessions. 

Shoreditch Escorts on Obsessions

How should you approach your partner’s obsessions? It is not easy to know how to approach your partner’s obsessions. When you work for a cheap escort service such as Shoreditch escorts, you do eventually become used to dealing with obsessions. Many of the gents I date at Shoreditch escorts have various obsessions. Some of them only want to see a girl in pink knickers, and then you get those who only like to date girls who wear thigh high boots.

Is there one obsession which is more common than others? If you were to ask me, I think that the most common obsession men have is with big boobs. The girls at Shoreditch escorts who have bigger boobs than other girls always seem to be a lot more popular. It is that cup running over feeling they get when they date a girl with big boobs. I totally I understand where they are coming from. Personally, I do like a man with a nice big package, and I am sure that can be said for most of the girls at Shoreditch escorts. We do sneak a peak when you are not looking.

Are Obsessions Healthy?

Most sexual obsessions are probably harmless. The problem starts when you let obsessions take over your life. I have seen it happen once or twice at cheap Shoreditch escorts. Some men become so obsessed with the girl that they are dating that they actually start to believe she is the actual girlfriend. I am not sure that is healthy, just like from other girls like Leytonstone escorts, Canning Town escorts, Beckton escorts, Bethnal Green escorts, Dalston escorts, Cambridge Heath escorts, Chadwell heath escorts.

And then we have men like my Nick. Thankfully we don’t come across men like my Nick too often at Shoreditch escorts. For the first couple of weeks Nick and I were okay, but then it became clear that he was really obsessed by the fact I worked for Shoreditch escorts. It was a bit like I had fulfilled one of his fantasies of dating an escort. He started to tell all of his friends that I worked for Shoreditch escorts. After a while, I realised that it did not make me feel too comfortable so we split up.

Nick was not only fascinated by porn videos. He wanted me to become a porn star and even talked about the two of us going to Los Angeles. I would make the movies and he would be my agent. That did not make me feel good at all so I guess that contributed to the downfall of our relationship. It was like Nick’s life was all about sex and porn.

If you do come across a guy like Nick who is a bit of a sex addict, it is a good idea to evaluate the relationship. I love sex, but at the end of the day, I don’t think that life can be all about sex. During my time with cheap Shoreditch escorts, I have seen too many times of what can happen when sex obsession goes wrong. I have even met men at Shoreditch escorts who have lost everything thanks to their sex obsession and addiction. It is simply not worth it. If you do find that you have a problem, you should try to find some help. There are several organisations out there which can help if you feel sex or porn has taken over your life.