Leystone escorts – discuss wether briton should put restrictions on family sizes to save the economy

Is Time to Reduce Family Sizes?

It would be fair to say that the UK is rather over polluted and I do wonder if it is about time that we reduced family sizes. A couple of the girls I work with at cheap Leystone escorts come from rather large families. Most of them exist thanks to social welfare benefits. This does cost the UK a lot of money and I think it is about time we reduced the overall welfare bill in the UK. One way of doing so would be to cut down on the number of children poorer families have. 

Of course, it upsets me when I hear that many children in the UK do not have enough food to eat. At the same time, I have to admit that I am not sure how true it is that these kids don’t have enough to eat. The other day I popped down to a Lidl supermarket. It is not normally the kind of supermarket that I shop in, but I thought that I would take a look. It was on my day off from cheap Leystone escorts and I wanted to find out what the fuss was all about. 

Leystone Escorts on Budget Supermarkets

I normally do my shopping at Waitrose. There is one close to our escort agency in Leystone, and thanks to my excellent salary at Leystone escorts, I can easily afford to shop there. However, as the car needed a run out, I decided to go Lidl. The supermarket certainly did not look a patch on Waitrose, but they certainly had a lot of stock. As I started to walk around the sore, I even noticed that they had fruit and vegetable boxes available for the cost of just £1.50 each. I decided to buy two to see what they had in them.

When I got home I as pleasantly surprised. The food in the box was fine and I sat about using it. To be honest, I can’t really understand why some families struggle to afford to feed their children when you can buy food that cheap. I said to one of my friends from Leystone escorts that she should pop down and check out Lidl as well. She was really impressed by my two Wonky Veg boxes.

Should We Go Vegetarian?

If you find it hard to feed your family, or it is too expensive for you, you should consider going vegetarian. It would be easy to do that with the help of the veg boxes from Lidl. The girls at cheap Leystone escorts who are vegetarian seem to be a lot healthier than others, and I think it would benefit many families. I had some really delicious food in my two veg boxes and cooked a range of meals from soup to vegetable based dishes. 

There was some fruit in the box as well. I ate most of the fruit including the apples. The oranges were juiced and the bananas went into my smoothies. This is what most families who rely heavily on welfare should consider doing. It would save the British taxpayers a lot of money.

Since I bought my two vegetable boxes, I have really started to wonder what the British welfare system is all about. The girls at Leystone escorts earn good money and pay high taxes. When you stop and think about it, you soon appreciate that something is wrong. What is happening to our money and should we not make the government more responsible when it comes to our money. 

There is a very basic message in all of this. If you can’t afford to have children, you should simply not have them. I think that most of the girls at Leystone escorts would agree with me. We spend too much money looking after others. Many of these people do not work, and you really have to ask yourself how they spend the money that we give to them. Perhaps it is about time we made them accountable and asked them to cut down on their bills. Sure, living in London is not cheap, but there are plenty of things you can do to save money on everyday living expenses.