A Day in the Life of a Cheap Kensington Escort

I am convinced my regulars at Kensington escorts think I stay in bed until 10 minutes before I am about to start my shift with the escort agency in Kensington. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, I make sure that I get  my beauty sleep, but once my blue eyes are open, I swing my long legs out of bed and get on with it. It is a full day for me just like so many other girls at cheap Kensington escorts.

Work Nights at Kensington Escorts

I never thought that I would get my head around working nights at cheap Kensington escorts, but now I rather like it. Normally I finish around midnight, and then I am on my way home. I don’t rush off to bed. You simply can’t, and I feel that I do benefit from a few minutes of chilling out tine. I do little things like put my PJ’s on, groom my cat, and have a hot chocolate after I have come home from Kensington escorts.

One thing that I avoid before I go to bed is getting emerged in things like checking my phone and doing something on my iPad. I find that I sleep better if I don’t worry about my phone and social media accounts. Working nights can be a challenge for escorts, but it is okay for me now.

Advantages of Working Nights

There are advantages to working nights, and once you get yourself organised, you will often find that you will have more time to yourself. The kind of services that I need are less busier during the morning in London, and I make the most of it. I love to look after myself, and look good for my gents at Kensington escorts, so I go to have my hair done once a week and a beauty treatment. As the girls at the beauty spa are less busy in the morning, I feel that I get a better treatment and come out more relaxed. 

Also, the gym is less busy as most other people who use the gym have gone to work. I do my routine and get back home. Some days I even get the chance to have lunch with my friends from cheap Kensington escorts, and I just love that.

Are Kensington Escorts Shopping Addicts?

This is the other myth which seems to surround cheap Kensington escorts. I don’t know how many times one of my dates has asked me if I shop a lot. No, I don’t but I do update my wardrobe a couple of times per year. I simply could not afford to shop all of the time. Working for Kensington escorts means that you have reached the pinnacle of your profession, and most of the time, my life is not so different from other girls in London. I still have a small mortgage which I am working hard at paying down, and spending all of my money on clothes would not be the sensible thing to do. 

Yes, I have the weekends off from Kensington escorts unless I have on overnight date, but I do work in this nail salon on Saturdays to make sure I have something to fall back on when I finally leave the escort service in London. You can certainly say that my life is more than busy. Hopefully, it will allow me to slow down a bit when I get older.

A Personal Love Life

I am often asked if I have a personal love life. At the moment my life is too busy for that. And actually I don’t worry about it too much. There are a couple of gents I meet at cheap Kensington escorts who I feel passionate about, and I see them as my personal friends. Sure, there are girls who work at the escort agency in Kensington who seem to be able to have it all. That has never worked for me, and it is okay.

Sometimes I think that you have to appreciate that you can’t have it all, and one day, I am sure that I will meet Mr Right. If you try to have it all too early in your life, you may forget about you. When I grew up, I did not have a lot of  money, and I focused on putting my life on the right track. At times it has been hard, but I do think of working for Kensington escorts as being a professional. That is what ultimately makes you a successful escort in my opinion.