Hackney escorts believe that men are becoming lazy in relationships

Are Men Lazy in Relationships?

Are men lazy in relationships or just less confident? I am not sure what is going on with men at the moment. In the last two years, I have seen the men I date at cheap Hackney escorts change a lot. Many of them seem to be going through relationship after relationship. They may be with one person for a little while, and when you hear them speak about that person again, you soon realise they are speaking about her in past tense. In other words, they have broken up with her or she has broken up with them. 

It makes you want to ask yourself what is going on, and I have to say I have lost count of how many relationship breakups I have heard about at cheap Hackney escorts only in the last few weeks. Could it be that men are confused about what women want them to be?

Lovers at Hackney Escorts

I don’t think that women make it easy for men. Some women obviously want to have the best of both worlds. They want their partners to be both their friends and lovers at the same time, they want to be the sexy lady at the same time wear the trousers. I simply don’t think that is the right approach to a relationship, but I do come across it a lot at cheap Hackney escorts. It seems to me that many women would like to have their cake and eat it at the same time. Does it work? In my opinion, a man needs to know where he stands.

From my experience working at Hackney escorts, I have learned that men need to have some sort of confirmation of relationship status. You need to tell him if he is a lover, friend or simply just a booty call. Many women have taken the progress of feminism too far, and confused men by the many different roles they have taken on. 

Modern Women in Society

I am not saying that feminism is a bad thing. But, it does not give women the right to do whatever they want in a relationship. Some women seem to think that a relationship should only exist to benefit them. They want to call all of the shots. The end result is that men have become confused and feel less confident in any kind of relationship. This is one of the reasons which they may appear confused and lazy in relationships.

Men have become less confident in relationships and have started to rely on women to do all of the running. I see this a lot at cheap Hackney escorts and I think it is part of the reason men have started to date escorts more and more. They have lost their self-confidence around women, and now they are not sure how to get it back. Women have ended up deciding where to go on holiday and even where to eat out. Most men probably find the situation really difficult to handle when it all comes down to it.

Hackney Escorts on Men

If you do want to have a genuine relationship with a man, you need to make sure that he feels like an active part in that relationship. Should he happen to come up with a new place to eat out, give it a go without giving him the third degree? It is understandable that women like to control their own lives, but do you need to control every part of it. Sometimes it is nice to enjoy a surprise night out. I love it when one of my dates at cheap Hackney escorts surprises me.

No, I don’t think men are lazy in relationships, I think that they are frightened to express an opinion. Women have become too pushy. I think that many women need to take a page out of Hackney escorts book, and take a step back. There is nothing wrong with letting a man be in control from time to time, and letting him make a few decisions will make him appear less lazy. That does not mean that you will lose control of your life. You will still be an independent woman, but like the girls at Hackney escorts know, it is nice to be wooed by a man sometimes. But, are you brave enough to let a man woo you? I think that is what it boils down to at the end of the day.