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Should I date cheap Essex Escorts?

Although I have always enjoyed dating escorts, I have never dated escorts in Essex before. It is no reflection on the girls who work for Essex escorts. If you were to check them out online you would find that all of them are totally gorgeous.  As a matter of fact, I would be proud to call any of them my girlfriend. 

The problem is that I have a hang up on dating on what I call my “own turf”. When I lived in Teddington in Twickenham, I got hooked on this particular escort and I used to date her all of the time. She was one of the sexiest girls that I have ever met, but it turned out that she was not such a nice girl. Her name was Cynthia and she ended up kissing and telling on me to one of the other guys who used the same escort agency. In the end, I lost my job when my employer found that I was into dating cheap escorts.

Sexy cheap Essex Escorts

Dating would mean that I would not have to worry about stuff like that. I could still take out a girl, or she could come to see me. I rather like the thought of just having to come home and give my favourite company a call. Not only that, it would certainly be a lot cheaper. If I had the chance to date women, I would be able to spend more time with a  girl, and I could afford to see her more often. Come to think of it, there are certainly a lot of advantages to dating.

Are Essex Escorts Just Essex Girls?

I would not say that any of the girls who work cheap Essex escorts are really Essex girls. Sure, there are still Essex girls around, but I am not that you would ever find them working for Essex escorts. The general idea of an Essex girl is a girl in high heels with a posh handbag and goes for a lot of beauty treatments. Looking the girls at Essex escorts, I would not say that many of them would fit in with that the stereotypical type of an Essex girl.

Also, many of the girls who work for Essex escorts are not even from Essex. The cheap Essex escort agency that I have checked out online seems to thrive on foreign talent. The vast majority of the girls come from abroad just like the girls at many of the top escort agencies in town. It may change after Brexit but I guess that is very unlikely when all is said and done. 

When I was younger, I did use to date Essex girls. They were kind of fun to spend time with, but I would say that the majority of them were just social butterflies. Most of them were only interested in dating guys who had lots of money. Nothing very much has changed. The Essex girls that I have met locally have only been interested in what they can get out of a relationship.

Is that why I prefer dating escorts? It is perhaps one of the reasons I like to date escorts but not the only one. I think that a lot of girls I meet these days are not very feminine. The girls who work as escorts, and I daresay even Essex escorts, seem to want to be more feminine. I like that about them. At the same time, I think that cheap Essex girls are much more fun to spend time with on a personal basis.

I am not sure that I will ever settle down with one woman so dating Essex escorts on my home turf would be perfect for me. But, I don’t want to end up with one of those girls who like to kiss and tell. I know that many escorts like to keep a diary. As my family lives here in Essex, I would hate for one of the hot girls at cheap Essex escorts to accidentally spill the beans on me. My parents would not be too comfortable about that, and I would not be too happy either.