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Enfield in North London is perhaps best well-known for its link to the 2nd World War. Much of the arms industry was based in and around Enfield in North London. Of course, a lot of that has changed now, and Enfield in North London has become a popular residential area. It is way from hustle and bustle of central London and a popular place for people who used to live in central London to settle in. Property prices in Enfield North London are more reasonable than property prices in South London.

Posh Girl at Enfield Escorts

I have lost count of how many of my old school friends are shocked when they found out that I work for an escort agency in North London. We all know that it is pretty tough to find a good job these days. This is not only true for girls who have come through the state school system. Many girls who have been privately educated and gone to posh schools find it just as hard. 

After a couple of years at university, I realised that I was going to have a hard time finding a good job in London. As I did not want to live anywhere else but in London, I started to explore the alternatives. Although my parents were well off, they still struggled to pay for my education. I started to look around for suitable part-time jobs that paid well. It was around this time I cam across cheap Enfield escorts.

Nice Girls Do Well As Escorts

It took me a little while to get around to contacting cheap Enfield escorts. When I looked at the photos of the girls on the website, I was not sure that I had what it takes to work for an escort agency. Most of the girls looked super sexy. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought that I just looked… nice. Did I really have the right kind of personal image to make it big with Enfield escorts? I was not sure about that at all.

Anyway, none of the other jobs around really paid enough money. At the time I was still at university and I wanted a job that paid me well so that I only needed to work weekends. After a couple of weeks of contemplating my own situation, I eventually emailed some photos of me to Enfield escorts. I had not expected to get a response but it did not take long for the owner of the escort agency in Enfield to get back to me.

Working For cheap Enfield Escorts

When I heard back, I was totally shocked. The owner of the escort agency said that he would be more than interested in giving me a chance to work for the company. He said that many of the businessmen who liked to date hired companions were always asking for what he called posh girls. We met up for coffee and the following weekend I found myself out on a date.

I am still working for a hired companion company. There are some things that I really like about working for a hired companions company. Like all of the other girls who work for the escort agency in Enfield, I guess that I appreciate the good rates of pay. It is tough to find a job in London that pays really well. But, I have been fortunate to do so and I am not going to give up Enfield escorts in a hurry.

Working for these agencies is also very flexible. As I work as an outcall companion, I can basically set my own hours and I love that. Sure, it is a bit of a different job, but I am certainly doing a lot better than many of my other posh friends that I went to school with in Marlborough.  Yes, I know that I am an escort, but escorting is different from what I thought that it would be. As I come from rather a nice background, most of the time I go out on business dates and that is what I really like about escorting. It is a bit like going out on dates with friends and getting paid for it. Not a big deal at all as far as I am concerned.