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Would You Marry For Money?

I have lost count of how many girls who have left Edgware escorts and married for money. Is it a smart thing to do? It can be a smart thing to do, and some former cheap Edgware escorts have done very well for themselves. As we all know, prenups are still not considered legal in the UK. In other words, you can potentially do very well when you marry a rich man. I guess that is what so many girls from Edgware escorts are counting on.

Would I leave cheap Edgware escorts and marry for money? I am not sure that I would. Some women have this huge need to get married at least once in their lives. Is that me? I am not really driven by some sort of need to get married. Like many of my girlfriends, I really get a kick out of being single, and I am sure that I prefer to stay that way. If you don’t feel that marriage is for you, I think that you should just be honest with yourself and say so.

Sugar Babe vs. Wife from cheap Edgware Escorts

If you are not sure that you want to get married just to lay your hands on his money, there are many other things that you can do. One of the girls I work with at Edgware escorts is a bit of a sugar babe when she is not at cheap Edgware escorts. I am busy enough at the escort agency in Edgware, and would simply not have the time to do anything else. But, if you don’t want to get married to your man, you can suggest another arrangement.

I think that coming to some sort of agreement such as sugar babes do with their cheap sugar daddies may suit lots of couples. It does not tie you down, and if you want to do so, you can move on without too much hassle. If a guy said to me that he wanted to marry me or spend more time with me, I think that is the sort of arrangement that would suit me.

Trophy Wife from Edgware Escorts

Trophy wives are in my opinion an American import. Men in the US who have done very well for themselves often like to marry younger women who are sexy and good looking. Is it really love? I am not sure that it is really love. Rather a few girls have left cheap Edgware escorts have ended up as trophy wives.  I will admit that they have done pretty well for themselves, but I am not sure it is the kind of lifestyle that I would like to pursue.

There are advantages to being a trophy wife. You are likely to end up with a nice car and a pretty endless stream of credit cards so that you can spend his money. If you are a shopping addict that may a pretty good arrangement if you are a shopping addict. It still means getting married and I am not sure that is for me.

Most trophy wives do very well out of their arrangements, but then again, I am not sure that all trophy wives see them as arrangements. But on fact, when you are a trophy wife, I think that you are indeed in very much of an arranged marriage. Most of the time it is probably not the first time the guy has been married. You could even find yourself being wife number two or number three. You need to ask yourself if that is really what you want out of life. 

Even though I do think that many former cheap Edgware escorts have done well, I am not sure that they are happy. Could it be that many girls think that they are going to find living without a real loving partner okay? I think so. It is not for me at all. I would want to be in a really loving relationship instead of a relationship where I am just seen as a commodity.  But, we are all different and sometimes you just have to look at things from someone else’s point of view.