Chelsea escorts

A Brief History of Chelsea in London

Chelsea is one of the most historic part of London. In the early days, it was just a tiny little village and the River Thames flowed past much closer than it does today. One of the gents I see a lot of at Chelsea escorts told me that it was a landing place for boats in the past, and there could even have been some kind of ship building industry in Chelsea.

My favorite place in Chelsea is the Physic Gardens which were established back in 1673. Back then London did not have any pharmacies as it does to day, and modern medicine was a long way of. Instead we used herbs and plants as medicine, and the Physic Gardens were set up to produce medicinal herbs which could cure the sick in London.

Were cheap Chelsea escorts around back then? I am not sure about that at all, but one thing is certain, is that it is certainly very popular to date cheap escorts in Chelsea today. 

Modern Day Chelsea and Chelsea Escorts

Chelsea has gone from being a small cheap village to one of the most expensive residential districts in London. I am not sure that any of the girls at Chelsea escorts would be able to afford to buy a house or flat in Chelsea. It is too expensive for most local people. Unless you inherit your home in Chelsea, I am not sure that young Londoners recent in this part of town, would be able to afford to buy a home in Chelsea. 

Properties in Chelsea also tend to be rather large, and I think this is why we have seen so many rich foreigners snap up properties in Chelsea. There are some days when you can’t even move around thanks to the fleet of cars and vehicles owned by Russian oligarchs who seem to favor Chelsea. 

Super Rich Men in Chelsea

Do some of the super rich men who have made Chelsea their home date cheap Chelsea escorts? or from other escorts too like Marylebone escorts, Petite escorts, Soho escorts, Victoria escorts, Aldwych escorts, Bankside escorts, Westminister escorts Yes, they do and we even have Russian Chelsea escorts working at our escort agencies in Chelsea. There are another couple of escort services around, but most of them do not have the same selection of classy girls as we do.

The owner of our Chelsea escorts agency has focused on recruiting all of the best cheapest and sexiest escorts in Chelsea from both right here in London and abroad. As we date so many high profile foreign businessmen, it is essential that we have some local talent available.  Foreign businessmen visiting or living in London seem to enjoy going out to the expensive local pubs, bars and restaurants. It has become crucial to have girls at Chelsea escorts who know the area. The Russian girls are great, but they seem to have more of a passion for expensive fur coats and designer handbags.

Living and Dating in Chelsea

Living in Chelsea is something that I would not be able to afford to do. Even the supermarkets in Chelsea are more expensive than in the part of London that I live in. Sometimes when I come off my evening shift at Chelsea escorts early, I pop into the supermarket to pick up some bits. Let me tell you that even the cost of the Wonky vegetables are more expensive in Chelsea. Mind you, you would have that thought that Chelsea would not be the place to sell Wonky vegetables, but they do seem to sell. 

When you date in Chelsea, you mainly end up dating a lot of businessmen. I have worked for other cheap escort services in London before I worked for Chelsea escorts, and I have come to accept that dating styles are different in Chelsea. For instance, most dates are longer and your Chelsea escorts dates are often arranged for a period of about three hours at least. Also, working weekends is not such a big deal in Chelsea. Most businessmen who enjoy dating Chelsea escorts seem to date during the week instead. That is fine by me, and gives me a chance to have some time off on the weekends.

Would I want to live in Chelsea? I am not sure, it is even expensive to buy shoes in this part of London, and that is no good for a shoe buying fanatic like me.