Cheap London Escorts Tips on Mingling with Celebs in London

When you see a celeb out attending a function with a glamorous girl, don’t assume the glamorous girl by his side may is his genuine girlfriend. It may surprise you, but often many celebs call a cheap London escorts service and ask for a date. It is rather funny, and I love it when I end up in the papers or magazines as someone’s girlfriend. Of course, they don’t have a clue I work for a cheap escorts service in London.

What To Do If You Would Like to Mingle with Celebs in London

Not all of the girls at our cheap London escorts service are into dating celebs. But, if you would like to date celebs and happen to work for a cheap escorts service in London, I have a couple of tips to you. And by the way, don’t worry, the celeb is much more likely to be in awe of you. He, or she, will be worried that you may kiss and tell. Just so you know, you should never kiss and tell on a celeb. That is not going to do you an favors at all as a cheap escort in London.

I enjoyed one date with a celeb in London, and realised that I needed to update my wardrobe. It looked okay, but you do need to look rather glamorous when you date in London. Buying brand new clothes for celeb dating can be expensive, so I hit some of these second hand brand name shops in London. To my surprise I managed to pick up some real bargains. Mind you, sometimes I have worn my new fancy wardrobe on “ordinary” dates for cheap London escorts.

You need to tone your make-up down a but when you date celebs in London. Like I have told the other girls at cheap London escorts, it is all about letting the celeb shine. When I know that I have a celeb dating coming up, I have started to go the beautician to have my make-up professionally done. It makes a huge difference in case you end up having your photo taken.

What Are the Perks to Date Celebs for Cheap London Escorts?

If a celeb really likes you, it is easy to tell. You will soon see that you will get a lot of tips, and you they will start to take you out more often. Once you are dating one celeb and do a good job, he will more than likely tell other celebs and you will get even more dates with other celebs. It will be good for you and the cheap London escorts you work for in your part of London.

One perks that I really like about dating celebs, is all of the goodie bags. When a celeb attends an event, they get fantastic goodie bags with promotional goods. I have picked up some amazing things here in London, and I will have admit that some of the girls at the cheap London escorts I have work for, have been jealous. 

You will also often get presents from the celeb. I think it is a way of giving you what I call “hush” money without giving you any money. It is just the way of the world. Accept it with a smile on your face, and enjoy it. There will be plenty more to come.

Things You Should Bear in Mind When Dating Celebs

Let them shine and keep them in the limelight. You are only there to make the celeb look good and that is all. It was one of the first things that I realised and I think it is the main reason I have done so well from dating escorts at the cheap London escorts service that I work for here in east London.

Don’t hassle them. You are a bit like an air hostess. Make sure you keep them looking good and smile a lot. If you can let them be in the foreground, you will find that you are going to boost your coffers by dating celebs. At the end of the date say goodbye and thank you. In other words, be professional about it. I have adopted a very professional attitude and I think that is why I have done so well.

Most girls at cheap London escorts would love to have my dating diary. Let me put this way, it is full of celebs that you would know. Will I ever kiss and tell? Well, it would be tempting to do so when I leave cheap London escorts, but I don’t that I will. You never know, I may just make an entire career out of dating celebs…