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Charing Cross Escorts on Making Someone Feel Better and Stay Healthier

When a gent is sick, there are many things you can do to make him feel better. I often get gentlemen coming to see me at Charing Cross escorts who are coughing and sneezing a bit. Many of them complain that they seem to be picking up more colds and viruses as they get older. It is true, when you get older you are pruned to health problems, and this is why the NHS recommend you to get the flu jab.

But how do you make your man feel better? A question Ella from Charing Cross Escorts. Men do make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to health problems. When I speak to some men at cheap Charing Cross escorts, you would have thought that they may be dying from the first sneeze. It sounds crazy, but I blame their mums. Speaking to them, it is clear that their mums used to make a real fuss out of them were young boys.  I have personal experience of this, and I think that my mum used to make more fuss out of my brother than me. 

Tops Tips on How to Care for Your Man During the Cold Season

I think that men often don’t pay as much attention to their health as they should, and this is why so many of them do suffer from coughs and sneezes. On average I would say that most of the men I date at Charing Cross escort drink too much. The problem with alcohol is that it lowers your immune system response, and once that is down, you are much more likely to pick up a cold. It is best to try to make an extra effort to control your drink during the cold and flu season.

Adding extra fruit and vegetables to your diet will also help. You may think that glass of orange juice you have in the morning is enough, but it is probably more packed with sugar than anything else. It is unlikely to do that much for you. Eating some fresh fruit or even berries would be so much better for you instead, and help to boost your immune system instead.

Put Something on With cheap Charing Cross escorts

A suit jacket may not be enough to keep you warm during the winter. It is easy to put your keys in your pocket and dash out the door, but are you really that warm? Investing in a good quality winter coat will help to keep you a lot warmer, and not only that, it looks smart. Once you have bought a nice coat, it is more than likely to last you a long time. It may seem funny the girls from cheap Charing Cross escorts are telling you to put something on, but they have your best interest at heart. 

Healthy Supplements for Healthy Men

You may even want to top up your supplement cupboard. Strong anti-oxidants such as vitamin C can do wonders for you. It could also be a good idea to check out some of the herbal supplements which are available. Many of the girls at cheap Charing Cross escorts turn to supplement during the cold time of the year. If you are a businessman, you certainly want to think about what supplements can make you feel better and give you more energy. Vitamin B is one good supplement, but did you know that Ginseng is a natural alternative to Viagra?

Other supplements such as Saw Palmetto can also come in handy during the colder time of the year. If you are a sporty gent who likes to play golf, you are more at risk from prostate infections and conditions during the winter. Saw Palmetto can help a great deal and will certainly keep your prostate healthy. It is one of the few herbal supplements the girls at cheap Charing Cross escorts recommend that you take all of the time. More research is needed, but it is thought that Saw Palmetto can even help you to combat erectile dysfunction naturally and avoiding an enlarged prostate. 

Is up to women to keep their men healthy? It is really about making personal health choices, but at the end of the day, men who have a partner who takes an active interest in their health seem to enjoy better health and a better sex life.