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Porn Star Career Vs Cambridge Heath Escorts

A few years ago, I got it into my head that I wanted to be a porn star. I had just been on the night out with my friends from cheap Cambridge Heath escorts. We had met up with the other girls from another escort agency in London. A couple of the girls told me that they had been to Los Angeles and worked as porn stars. When they came back to London, their escort careers had really taken off as they had been featured in movies.

As I had been working for cheap Cambridge Heath escorts for a couple of years, I thought that I deserved a break. I took a close look at my finances and decided that if I saved up for about six months, I would have enough money to go out to Los Angeles for about six months. I may even make big as a porn star.

My Dream of Becoming a Porn Star

They say that all girls would like to become porn stars or princesses. I knew that I had no chance of becoming a princess, but perhaps I could become a porn star princess. One of my specialties at the escort agency on Cambridge Heath in London was role play dating. I got this idea that I would go out to Los Angeles and work as a role play porn star. Once I had saved up enough money, I would pack my money outfits and travel to the City of Angeles.

A couple of months later, I realised that my plans were going to come to fruition. Fortunately for me, I was able to save most of my salary from cheap Cambridge Heath escorts and live on my tips. It meant scrimping and scraping a little bit. In the process, I had to sacrifice many things such as nights out with the girls. But, I did not mind. I knew that I was getting closer to achieving my goal of becoming a porn star every day.

Leaving Cambridge Heath Escorts

My boss at Cambridge Heath escorts was a bit surprised when I told him that I was going out to Los Angeles. By the time I told, I had already found a studio in Los Angeles which was interested in working with me. Before I had joined Cambridge Heath escorts, I had done a brief spell as a bikini model. It had helped me a lot and I was glad that the studio in Los Angeles had appreciated my portfolio.

As I packed my bags for Los Angeles, I thought about the other girls at the escort agency in Cambridge Heath. I was pretty sure that I was not the only girl at Cambridge Heath escorts who dreamed of becoming a porn star in Los Angeles.

My Porn Star Career in Los Angeles

To my delight, my porn star career in Los Angeles worked out pretty well. As I had a different approach than other porn stars, I did very well. Some girls who have tried their hand at becoming porn stars come back to London with their tail between their legs. However, I ended up staying for two years and made rather a few movies in that time. It was great and I loved every moment of it. But, after that time I decided that it was time to return to London.

Did my porn star stint help my career at cheap Cambridge Heath escorts? Yes, it did and I am one of the few girls in London who can also boast about having made it as a porn star in Los Angeles. Just give me a call if you would like to date a genuine porn star who loves to play dress up.

I feel pretty certain that you and I can have a really good time together no matter what kind of games you would like to play. Like the other girls at Cambridge Heath escorts, I have plenty of exciting ideas on how you and I can have some fun together tonight. Remember that I will come and see you – just let me know what kind of outfit you would like me to wear.