Bond Street escorts disclose the strangest things they have said after having sex

Reasons We Have Sex or Make Love

We often assume the only reason we have sex is that we feel horny. But, there are many reasons why we have sex or make love. When you work for an escort agency such as cheap Bond Street escorts, you do appreciate how important physical human contact can be. Sex is the most intimate kind of physical contact and the truth is that it is good for us. For years we have underestimated the importance of physical contact. Since I have been with Bond Street escorts I have come to appreciate the importance of physical contact even more than I did before.

Bond Street Escorts on Why We Make Love

Did you know that one of the reasons we make love is to find comfort? Maybe it is about time we started to look at the entire process of making love as something different. Close physical contact is something which we still shy away from and we even find it hard to talk about physical intimacy. If we talked about it, we would soon discover that we enjoy close physical contact for many different reasons. When you are down in the dumps you may even find it comforting. One gentlemen I date at cheap Bond Street escorts says that he found making love a real comfort after he had lost his mom. 

He is not the only gent I have met at Bond Street escorts who has claimed that making love has benefited him in a tough situation. Another couple of gents who I meet up with a regular basis claim that making love have made them feel more confident. Interestingly enough they are all businessmen, and they all claim having sex before an important business meeting has helped them to perform better.

What Happens Physically When You Make Love?

Having sex can raise your heart rate, but the interesting thing is that this does not happen all of the time. When you make gentle love or engage in close physical contact with another human being, your heartbeat actually slows down. It can help to lower your blood pressure and your cortisone level.  Cortisone is a stress hormone which can affect us negatively and is linked to stress. If making love gently can lower your cortisone level, it explains why people feel better after having made love. I don’t ask all the gentlemen I date at Bond Street escorts about their love lives, but I think it is clear that many of them do benefit from regular sex.

Do Bond Street Escorts Believe in Sex for Comfort?

Of course, the girls at cheap Bond Street escorts believe in making love for comfort. Many of them have themselves tried the method and found that it has helped a lot to improve their lives. One of the girls at Bond Street escorts says that she finds that making love after intense exercise can reduce the effects of the exercise. She claims that it lowers muscle and joint pain, and helps her to relax. Making love is one of the things that she tries to do as soon as she comes out of the shower.

Maybe we should all follow the lead of the girls at cheap Bond Street escorts and make love more often and not only when we feel horny. It is a good idea to take the opportunity to make love more often. Traditionally we have the tendency to make love at night when we go to bed. Perhaps we should take a second look at that and consider making love at different times throughout the day. 

Making love in the morning or the early part of the afternoon is just as good for you. How about spending Sunday afternoon in bed with your partner instead and making love? Afterward you can have a light meal, and maybe even some dessert. We often have a certain routine and it tends to be very traditional. Sunday is all about the Sunday roast, but maybe we should make Sunday all about making love instead of stuffing our faces. Who knows? It may even make us healthier and happier at the same time.