Bloomsbury escorts can be your elegant companions when you go to the theatre

How to become an elegant companion

I have worked for a couple of different escort agencies in London. It has been a bit of a journey, but I have to admit that I got kind of bored with being a cheap and tarty London escort. I felt that I was stuck in a rut and wanted to get something different out of my escort career in London. So, I took a break from the escort agency I worked for in London, and after a couple of weeks, I managed to find a job with cheap Bloomsbury escorts.

Changing My Style with cheap Bloomsbury Escorts

Bloomsbury escorts is perhaps one of the most upmarket escort agencies in London, and if you would like to do well for the agency, you need to have a certain image. I did not realise what a huge difference there is between cheap escorts and elite escorts, and my first couple of months at the escort agency in Bloomsbury, I had to climb rather a steep learning curve as it were. 

It soon dawned on me that I needed to change my image to fall in line with the needs of the escort agency. I took some  advice from the other girls at cheap Bloomsbury escorts and invested in myself. One of the girls offered to take me shopping for some new clothes, but I said no thank you. I wanted to stand out in a crowd, and at the same time, be a little bit different than the other girls at Bloomsbury escorts.

How to Change Your Image

if you are today just standing behind the customer services desk in your local superstore, you may be wanting to change your image. It can be done and is not so hard but you have to plan ahead. That is exactly what I did after a couple of weeks at Bloomsbury escorts. I simply took some time and made a plan.

So far I had done pretty well as an escort in London, but I had not really earned that kind of money the girls at Bloomsbury escorts do. I took a good like at myself, and the first thing I did was to change my hair colour. Instead of looking like a bleach blonde, I went for a three colour look and it really made difference. After that, I ditched the bright coloured nail polish and went for a fresh manicure instead. I don’t know if you have noticed, but posh girls seldom wear coloured nail polish.

Dressing Sexy for cheap Bloomsbury Escorts

The way you dress has a huge impact on the kind of gents you attract. I did not change my wardrobe overnight, but instead I changed it stages, I would have loved to change my wardrobe overnight, but the truth is that I could not afford it at the time. The kind of style I wanted to go for was posh but casual not cheap, and it took me a little while to find the right kind of designers to get the image right. In the end, I went for a mix of Ralph Lauren and Gucci. Both are kind of relaxed and fashionable at the same time.

Another thing that I did was to ditch my stilettos. By that time I had been wearing stilettos for years, and my feet were suffering. Wearing stilettos can make you look really sexy but cheap and tarty. I ditched my stilettos for nice sling backs and court shoes which made a big difference to my image. You be surprised how many rich men are reluctant to date girls wearing stilettos, they really do think that girls wearing stilettos just look tarty.

How am I doing at Bloomsbury escorts? I am doing very well and I am glad that I have changed my image. The focus is very much on business dating, and I have got used to that now. Fortunately, I have been able to build up a lot of support, and I always look forward to starting my night or day with Bloomsbury escorts. I am glad that I have made the change and I hope that I am going to be able to stay escorting with the agency in Bloomsbury for a long time.