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Why Gentlemen in London Are Changing Their Dating Habits

London escorts agencies seem to be busier than ever before in the run up to Brexit. But, it has been noticed that a lot of gents who are frequent user of escort services in London, are changing their dating habits. It used to be all into date sexy European ladies, but now it is more popular than ever before to date Black ladies in London.  You may ask yourself why if you are interested in the adult industry in London.  Could it be that gents are preparing themselves for a hard Brexit, or do other factors come into play?

Black Escorts in London

As a former elite London escort, I do keep in touch with some of the gents I used to date. I work as a beautician now, but it is still nice to meet up with former dates to see how they are doing. Speaking to them, it is clear that they have several reason for dating Black ladies in London now. Yes, some of them are a bit concerned that the European escorts are all going to pack their bags and disappear. But, more than anything, they enjoy the company of truly feminine girls. That is why so many gents like to date Black escorts.

Skinny as  A Rake

Tom , a gent I used to date when I worked for an elite escort agency in London, told me that a lot of escorts these days are not very feminine. He recently went out with a girl from Poland, and when we had coffee the other day, he told me that she was as skinny as a rake. Well, I guess that I would have called her athletic, but he clearly thought that she was on the skinny side.  Tom says that he loves to date Black escorts in London simply because he thinks that they are more feminine. That makes them a lot sexier in his eyes and I guess that I can see the point of that.

Not only that, but Tom also says that the Black escorts he has dated in London seem to have a more personal approach to dating. Sure some Europe girls as he calls them are very sexy and exciting, but sometimes you feel that the entire date is a bit of a mechanical experience says Tom. He has been a bachelor for a long time, and I know Tom always appreciated the personal touch when we dated.

Are Black Escorts More Expensive? 

I don’t know where this has come from, but clearly some gents think it is more expensive to date Black escorts than European girls. That is not right. It will not cost you anymore to date Black escorts than it costs to date European girls. Some European girls also charge extra for things that Black escorts would not dream of charging extra for.  I think some European girls can often come across as very greedy, and that has not helped them at all. Perhaps that is one of the reasons gents are now turning to dating Black girls.

Where Can I Find a Black Sexy Companion in London?

Most elite and top class London escort services will have Black escorts on their books. However, like Tom says, Black escorts in London are now so busy that it is essential to pre-book dates. Most of the time Tom says he finishes one date and then immediately calls the escort agency to arrange date.

Tom also says that Black escorts are friendlier and like to chat a lot more. He used to invite all of these blond bomb shells on business dates and to business functions. But he has rather given up on that, and now he likes to invite Black girls.  Tom adds that he has a lot of fun with his Black babes in London, and he often arranges longer dates just like he used to do with me when I worked in the escort industry in London. 

So, I guess that if you are looking for a hot date in London tonight, you could do much worse than to contact a Black lady companion. I did not know a lot of Black lady companions when I worked for an agency, but I do have a lot of Black girlfriends now, and I must admit that we have some fabulous time together. Maybe there really is something special about sexy Black girls in London when it call comes down to it. Well, Tom seems to think there is anyway. . .