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How to Know You Are Dating the Wrong Guy

Are you sure that you are dating the right guy? For the last two years, I have been dating this guy I met on a night out. I was pretty sure that he was the right man for me. But suddenly, a few red flags started to pop up. One night when I came home from cheap outcall escorts, I found him drunk on the sofa. Leaning over him, I soon realised that he smelt like a cheap perfume that I did not recognise. I was not a happy girl at all, but I took a shower and went to bed. Did I leave him on the sofa? You bet that I did.

The next morning he came in with a cheap hot cup of coffee and looked rather sheepish. I did not think that I want to speak to him at first, and took a shower. After my shower, I felt a  bit better and asked him what was going on. He came up with some rubbish story about a mate’s birthday party. It surprised me – normally he would tell me when he was going out with his mates for a special celebration.

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The next Saturday we went out shopping together. I needed some new boots, and he offered to come along. By that time, I had got over the other night. Looking back, I realised that I may have blown it all out of proportion. After all, I had been very busy at Barking escorts. Maybe he had told me about the birthday party and I had forgotten about it. Nothing else was said about it, and we both forgot about. However, that Saturday something else happened.

We were in this rather nice shoe shop in central London when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. My boyfriend seemed tp be really caught up in a conversation on his phone. For a good ten minutes, he totally ignored me. I did not feel comfortable. As he ended the conversation, he seemed to blow the person on the other end a kiss. What was going on? Was he flirting with another girl?

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That night, I got a chance to check his phone. Almost as soon as I started to go through his text messages, I spotted a  couple of text messages from a phone number I recognised.  It soon dawned on me that the phone number belonged to one of the other girls at cheap Barking escorts. I was totally taken back. Was he having an affair with one of my friends at Barking escorts? 

The next day I decided to call my friend at Barking escorts. She seemed to be a bit surprised to hear from me. I asked her if she had ever met my boyfriend. She denied it, but from the text messages on my boyfriend’s phone, I did realise that they had met.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. I talked to my boyfriend about it, and it did not take him very long to confess to having an affair with my friend at Barking escorts. He said that he was fascinated by the fact that I worked for an escort service, but he did also like the other girls at cheap Barking escorts. Clearly, I had a big problem on my hands. Was I angry? I was angry with both my boyfriend and my girlfriend at Barking escorts.

On Monday morning I told my boyfriend to leave and went into Barking escorts with a very hard. I could not believe that I had fallen for a guy who had a fetish for dating escorts. Did I still want to be part of Barking escorts? I was not sure and decided to take it one day at a time. Perhaps it is time for me to get rid of all of the bad air and move on to another escort service like these agencies Cheap London Escorts, Paddington Escorts, West Kensington Escorts, Kensington Escorts, Holborn Escorts, Mayfair Escorts, Chelsea Escorts, Barbican Escorts. I am not going to rush into anything, and I am certainly not going to rush into any new relationships.