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London After Brexit

Most London cheap escort agencies rely heavily on foreign escorts. The escort agency in Ardleigh has a lot of Polish girls working for it, and with Brexit coming up, many of the girls are thinking about going back to Poland. This week, the Polish ambassador to the UK advised many Poles living in Britain, that it may be a good idea for them to return to Poland.

What would happen if all of the Polish escorts suddenly left top-quality London escort agencies such as Ardleigh escorts? It may not mean that the cheap escort agency in Ardleigh would immediately have to close its doors, but eventually, many of the escort agencies in and around London may have to shut down their services.

Polish Escorts at Ardleigh Escorts

If all of the Polish escorts left London all at once, would there be enough cheap escorts in London? It is not easy to recruit escorts in London, and the owners of Ardleigh escorts know that they may face a challenging time. Just like in so many other service and hospitality professions in London, there are very few British or English employees. Would English girls want to work as Ardleigh escorts?  That is  really crucial question,

Many English girls don’t think that working for an escort agency in London is not for them. A with so many other professions, EU nationals have for many years now dominated the escort industry in London. However, this is not the only issue. Other adult businesses in London rely heavily on girls from European countries. Strip clubs in London are packed with delicious looking girls.

Careers within the Adult Industry in London

A lot of EU girls who come to London know that there is money to be made in the adult industry in London, a great Example of this are the girls who worked for Cheap London Escorts, Paddington Escorts, West Kensington Escorts, Kensington Escorts, Holborn Escorts, Mayfair Escorts, Chelsea Escorts, Barbican Escorts, Black Escorts, and Earls Court Escorts. This is why they often come to London in the first place. When they arrive in London, Polish girls may not immediately find work at top class escort agencies such as cheap Ardleigh escorts services. Instead, they make steady career progress and eventually end up working for escort agencies in London.

Many of the girls who work for Ardleigh escorts services have previously in the past worked as strippers, models, and hostesses in London. During that time they have made contacts and eventually ended up working for Ardleigh escorts. It is a form of career progress if you like.  Eventually, many girls end up enjoying successful career.

Of course, with Britain leaving the EU, this is not set to continue. It is unlikely a lot of new Polish girls are going to come to London if they don’t know what is in store for them. It is of concern not only to the owners of Ardleigh escorts, but too many other cheap escort and adult services in London. 

Is Brexit Going to Put an End to Escorting in London?

It is not likely that Brexit is going to put an end to escorting in London, but many escort agencies will struggle for staff.  The Polish girls at Ardleigh escorts services are some of the most popular girls at the escort agency, and it will be hard to lose them.

What should you do if you work as a Polish escort in London? If you work for Ardleigh escorts or any other escort agency, it is important that you apply for settled status as soon as possible. When you have that, you will be legally allowed to remain in the UK after Brexit.

If you don’t apply for settled status, you may risk losing many of the benefits that you have living and working in the UK. 

Most London escort agencies such as Ardleigh escorts are not going to find this transition period easy at all. It would be a real shame to lose so many talented girls who do such a good job with the adult industry in London. It would perhaps help if the adult industry in London and elsewhere in the country was recognised.  If that happened, it could possibly make it easier for girls who now work as escorts for cheap Ardleigh escorts or any other London escort agency, to stay in Britain and gentlemen could still continue to enjoy their company.