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The Kardashian Family Latest News

January 11, 2017

The Kardashian Family Latest News

The Kardashian interesting and unending family drama, you got to love it. There is no resisting checking up for the latest gossip, trend or beauty tip from these beautiful sisters, a brother who is amazingly turning around and surprising many. The queen Kris herself who is aging gracefully by not aging at all, their different spouses and most adorably the little Kardashian grand babies who keep getting more cute from one to the next.

With that, we recently noticed on the social media pages Rob and Blac Chyna sharing with the world on New Year’s Eve photos of the very gorgeous baby-girl Dream. The couple was gifted with the bundle of joy sometime in November and mirthfully it is a really brilliant way to usher in the new year. Who knew he would come all this way to even being a father. Having struggled with weight loss issues, stress and diabetes, relationship drama, issues with their late father, Robert finally has it together and is figuring it out a day at a time. More on Rob he finally part with his Calabasas home in their family compound. Rob and Chyna are certainly pulling down their walls and working things out again as its also known they have been renting one of Kylie’s cribs together.

Kim Kardashian and fashion. It is safe to say that millions of women look up to Kim for her fashion designs and the love of it. So after being away on social media for a while since the robbery incident Kim posts a photo of her family and a selfie of herself to resurface. First selfie of the year. During the same she bounces back to social media to clear the air on the rumors about her divorcing. From the caption on the snap “torn” fans definitely got it twisted and her’s truly cleared that up. Also cheering on the rugged jeans trend that she has on and saying that it should live on. The kind to give credit where it’s due.

Kylie Jenner, the little princess from the Kardashian family has been on to some not so good. Declaring on twitter that she wasn’t going to be posting from her app again. This comes after some claim of her having posted something intimate of her and the boyfriend. Kylie disputes the claims and says she would never do something like that. The app as it is reveals personal stuff about Kylie though sometimes none that she herself has confirmed. With this claims and a twist of events the Kardashians are worried about their authenticity. I mean whatever is done income has to be generated and if the machine is unreliable it is then not a good image to publicize. Efforts from the sisters, Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian to obviate have also been noticed when they went to their sites to post regularly and assure everyone that it works just fine.

Since the robbery in Paris, Kim has been of the lime light and the sassy and witty Khloe believes her sister needs to get straight her priorities and have a great year 2017. She believes the horrible incident permanently affected her sisters time scheduling and management but all she wants for her and the rest of their family is happiness and good health.

Kourtney on social media teases with a doll. It isn’t a rumor yet but maybe the twisted ways of communication could be telling us that she plans on adding a fourth child, mere speculation. Kendall, the worlds top model among others is spotted modelling a huge snake tattoo on her hip for the new magazine shoot. The V magazine, the tattoo however is a fake, just ink. Kendall also reveals the diet trick she uses to keep her super-model skinny in a local magazine, named a bizarre diet.

Lastly, Kris Jenner like every mother, the pillar to her family and the strength her children and even grand children seek is worried. A mother always knows so they say, and at this moment she knows her daughter’s marriage is crumbling. Something only Kim can confirm but she keeps convincing her mother otherwise. Though too evident to Kris from Kim spending many hours during the holidays away from Kanye, the only thing she can do is wait for her child to go to her.