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4 Socialites that are always making The Headlines

December 23, 2016

In the world of today becoming a celebrity is a fairy tale that only a chosen few get to live through. One of the most idolized category of celebrity in the entertainment world is the socialite. This is regardless of the fact that the only thing that makes them celebrities is their expensive lifestyles. Hate them or love them they are here to stay and their impact on the current generation is real.
In the socialite business there are many wannabes but there are also a few in a class of their own. These are the kinds that are always making news for different reasons. This may be because of excessive partying, scandals, and leaked photos or occasionally due to upcoming projects which they are involved in. The following are the top four socialites that you can almost be guaranteed to read something about anytime you are online.

Kim Kardashian
Kim is probably the most popular socialite currently. Her show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” has been on air for a number of seasons now and judging from its popularity it will likely be around for long. Although people may argue that her sex-tape with Ray Jay is what made her famous it does not matter since it cannot change the fact that she is very popular. Last year she stirred up a lot of controversy when she appeared on a magazine cover with her behind totally exposed.

Nicole Richie
Some people are born lucky while for others luck finds them unexpectedly. Although she was born in a humble family, life took a different turn when she was adopted by Lionel Richie at 9 years of age. Besides from being involved in a few TV shows her life has basically revolved around socializing in Hollywood with her best friend Paris Hilton. One thing that stands out with Nicole is her colorful hairstyles. From blue to pink you can be assured that Nicole has tried it all on her hair.

Paris Hilton
In many forums Paris Hilton is rated as the most well-known socialite of all times. Perhaps it’s because she was born into the right family or probably because she has a way of always finding herself in controversies. She has various interests in fashion and music but her extravagance in spending; party life and leaked sex-tapes are what draw more attention to her. Her relationship with 23 year old River Viiperi has been the talk in town as people air different opinions on the matter.

Dorothy Wang
Being the daughter of a rich American-Chinese business mogul simply means that you have more money to spend than you will ever need. However, Dorothy is still a very popular socialite if the following she commands on social media (for example on Instagram where she has a fan base of more than 500000) is anything to go by. Dorothy Wang is featured in the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills where the 26 year old shows the good life that comes with being born in a rich family. With a net worth of about $ 10 million partying and shopping are characteristic of her life.