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Love Island Contest Update

July 14, 2018

Imagine the perfect setting: a paradise island, a beautiful villa, young and beautiful people
striving to find the perfect match, that is a combination for success…. and
love. This year Love Island Contest has all that, and more, with 11 new islanders, the entire UK is hooked
and ready to see what this season have to offer, and the best part, you can follow through London X City to get the details about everything that is happening.

Taking place in Casa Amor, a luxury villa situated somewhere near the village used for previous
seasons, the place has changed, but the love triangles, the drama, the lust and all the good stuff that makes this show so addictive, hasn’t changed at all. Everyone has a favourite, and this year our contestants already started to show what we wanted to see, to get the fans and other contestants to love them, at the moment this year favourites are Jack and Dani, according to the fans, but nothing is certain
in this season, because as in life, love and relationships are always changing.

Jack and Dani, are now in the top of our hearts, and how not to love them, they are both are as sweet
as they can, coming from different worlds looking to find love in paradise, sounds like a fairy tale. But Jack heart is already taken it seems.

Jack, The sales manager, brings all he got, with his chatty personality, he surely is smooth
when he talks with the girls, and he already showed his interest in one of them, will it last?
And Dani, our easygoing goodhearted Dani, is making friends and mending hearts almost as much
as she breaks them, always helping with a kind word. She deserves someone that
match her standards, and hopefully she will find what she is looking for

But popularity is a fickle mistress, and Alex and Wes are following closely, how not to, Alex
sparkling personality and Wes naughty demeanour are just as attractive to all of us, who doesn’t like a “bad boy”.
This week was intense, newcomers where doing what they can to disrupt the mood in the Casa Amor, and 12 new contestants, giving the grand total of 23 contestants, change the landscape for all of them, and to all of us the fans, and in the way of finding love, although in the love departments all the boys eyes seem to be set on Megan, what is making her so popular?

And by the way is something happening between Megan and Alex? it surely seems like it is, those
two are looking very close to each other, well it seems that we’ll have to wait and see, because this season promise to be as intense as the last one.
So far we were able to see how new couples fall in love, but also how love wither down among those we
though were rock solid, but were nothing more than a fling, all the drama, and
all the fun that this ensues, if you haven’t seen the show, now is time to
catch up, or read about it here with us in London X City